Let the Experts Do the Heavy Reading

lots_of_books11,000 business books are published every year. On a really good year I may read 30 business books. That means I am creating a deficit of 10,970 books every year. What a depressing thought. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone actually sat down and reviewed business books and told us which ones to read and which ones to skip?

Well Jack Covert and Todd Sattersten did exactly that. They have a blog at 800-CEO-READ and spend their time reviewing business books. Recently they published a book The 100 Best Business Books of All Time. At the end of each review, Jack and Todd direct readers to other books both inside and outside The 100 Best. And sprinkled throughout are sidebars taking the reader beyond business books, suggesting movies, novels, and even children’s books that offer equally relevant insights.

The fun part about lists of any sort is that they provoke controversy. People are already writing in on their blog outraged that they skipped their personal favorite. The authors have already created a PDF to read about the books that just missed the cut.

If you would like to read business books but don’t have the time this book will summarize the best ones written in just a few pages. Take a look; you will be hooked. And while it may not be as an exhaustive summary please visit my own book review column here on StrategiesForSucces.com, Big Billy’s Books and Blogs.

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