The ongoing “Methods/ Standards War” …

perfection-ibIt is amazing just how intense opinions get on what is the “perfect method” to use for cleaning carpets. Slurs and insults fly on this topic, up to and including the ultimate- that someone is a “hack carpet cleaner”!

But honestly, what is the definition of “perfection”? Here is the one I came up with- “Sufficient for it’s intended purpose.”

Most of you know me well enough to realize I would never promote shorting the customer or performing sub-standard work. But few of us perform the exact same quality of work ALL the time. Why not? Because the requirements and perception of the customer changes based upon his/her needs/situation. (And of course the all important “customer’s projected budget”!)

After all, when you think about it most of our work IS based on “appearance”. (From a scientific standpoint, it is impossible to get wall to wall carpet clinically clean by ANY method.) I think we are all saying the same thing and often just arguing over semantics on the “method debate”.

So therefore in my business I arrived at my definition of “quality work”. If a) I did not misrepresent anything and b) the customer was pleased, then I was happy and my conscience was at peace.

NOTE: This “non-OCD definition of perfection” is especially important for those of you struggling to “get off the truck” and turn your precious customers over to (cue the threatening music here!) technicians! If you can’t “gracefully let go” then you will never build a Critical Mass Business.

Respectfully and thoughtfully submitted.

PS: Don’t beat me up here. Craftsmanship is something to be very proud of. It’s just that (to be brutally frank and honest) sometimes the real world intrudes!

2 thoughts on “The ongoing “Methods/ Standards War” …”

  1. I agree with you. I think if the customer is happy and will refer you, job well done. Maybe you could have pre scrubbed that traffic lane more, would it make a difference? Maybe a marginal one. Doesn’t mean your a “hack carpet cleaner”.

  2. Yep, it gets back to “ROI” as in Return on Investment. Pride in your work is great BUT you also have a finite amount of time and energy. If YOU want to dedicate an inordinate amount of either one on producing the “prefect job” more power to you! What I hate to see if the enormous amount of both time and energy wasted on bashing the efforts of others.


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