What is the most important word?

Mid adult businesswoman

According to a recent Gallup poll consumers felt that only 10% of advertisers are trustworthy.  “Word-of-mouth” has always been important and especially with women. But now that few people believe advertising, friends and family are the first source of a referral.

That important word  is TRUST – and the synonym for TRUST – Cheerleaders!

And Customer Cheerleaders- how to consistently produce them based on how you (and your employees) DELIVER the work is what SFS (and this woman-cheerleadersite) is all about.

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  1. I’m sure glad that Big Billy reads fast (and has an omnivorous mind- is that a word? Spell check says it is!) so all of us don’t have to!


    PS If you folks will check in next week at https://sfs.jondon.com/section/resources/special-reports I’m going to try and have uploaded a new Special Report on exactly what Bill is talking about- how to consistently Make the Cheerleader!

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