Good manners go a long way

The emotional dynamics of working in the Customer’s home or business can be truly complex. That said, many times it just comes down to good interpersonal relations. Here is one idea that may seem small and obvious but many times will have a big “return on time invested” with your customer:

If a customer asks if you would like a soft drink always accept it graciously with thanks as it makes them feel more a part of the job … and brings them closer to you.

Not only does the customer feel a part of the job, but the offering of hospitality (and the good feeling it evokes) goes all the way back to Bible times. Any time you “break bread” (or drink a Coke) with a customer the two of you become much closer and the relationship deepens. (I believe psychologists call it the “Law of Reciprocity” or something like that!) So always take the time to graciously accept whatever the customer offers you, even if it is one of those deadly holiday fruitcakes!


P.S. How do you make your customers feel part of the process? Please share your tips below in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Good manners go a long way”

  1. It can also be culturally required to accept the “offering”, be it a pepsi, a fruit cake or even a tip. Sometimes a refusal can be looked at as offensive. (with tips I always say no once… if they insist I accept it thankfully. I once had a customer offer me a pop… I said yes and they gave me a paper cup, opened the pop can and poured it in. I was stuck so I drank and talked with them for a bit. I might have been the only person they talked to that day. We were all smiles when I left.

  2. Yup, I’ve been “stuck” too. But sometimes (sad as it is to say) you may be the only thing in these folk’s lives right now. So while this site (and the SFS seminar) is all about Making the Cheerleader which will put big bucks in your pocket sometimes you just need to suck it up and “do the right thing”. (Even if it means choking down a warm Coke or eating a stale sandwich!)

    Thanks for the story and the validation!

  3. Unfortunately sometimes they offer out courtesy. I remember reading a story about a carpet cleaner who accepted an offer for coffee and the customer had to get out the coffee maker, looking for the other stuff to fix it up, going through a lot of trouble for a non-coffee drinker.

    So accepting it could be a double edge sword.

    Water is always easy, welcome and calorie free … if when asked and i felt they really wanted to do something for me … I would say “i would love a glass of water, if that is not to much trouble” 🙂

    Tip: don’t ask for it cold .. they might have to start looking for ice cubes and and awkward moment might come up when they have no ice.

    I spent tons of time putting thought in to situations just like these.

  4. “I would love a glass of water, if that is not too much trouble”

    That is a great idea. (I could see this one as a future quickTIP!) Thanks for sharing.


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