A sincere tribute to an industry giant (and not from one of his employees) …

[private]A tribute:

nick-serving-lunchYou know, all of us have “bosses”.  In fact, if you are an entrepreneur you have just traded one boss for many because every single customer is technically your “boss”.  (And let’s not even talk about “momma”!)

Now after I “cashed out” of my cleaning and restoration company and retired from full time business (at the tender age of 38) I knew I still wanted to keep my hand in the “grand game of business”.  Then Nick and John Paolella came calling and the rest is “history” or more accurately Strategies for Success. It has been a productive and gratifying relationship for all of us.

Why?  Because John and Nick are smart enough to leave a self-motivated, long time entrepreneur like me alone and he will work harder on his own than if he is “micro-managed”.  (Witness this web site as one example!)

However, I would like to focus this post on just one of my bosses- Nick Paolella- who truly has become a legend in his own time within this industry.  But instead of me waxing eloquent let me quote from a long time carpet cleaning veteran, Shawn Abbey with Abbey Carpet Care in Salem, Oregon.  Shawn just spent five days with Nick at our latest Strategies for Success seminar in Portland last week.  Here is Shawn’s take on SFS but more importantly on a man the whole world calls “Nick”:

My first Strategies week has come and gone, and I need a vacation. I don’t think my brain has worked so hard since college.

Tomorrow I’ll sleep in and enjoy a weekend doing nothing but process what I’ve learned. Monday, life as we know it will change… for the better.

My sincere thanks to the great teaching from Chuck, Bill, and Steve. Thanks also to the great staff at Jon-Don Portland, who hosted the event. But, my biggest thanks goes to Nick Paolella.

Here, we have an owner of a multi-million dollar company, who didn’t have to be anywhere he didn’t want to be. But at the last Customer Appreciation Day at Jon Don Portland, and the recent Strategies for Success class he was there! Cooking and preparing snacks, lunch, and footing the bill for dinner on Wednesday. Not to mention cleaning up after us! There were many things he could have charged us for (and we would have gladly paid!) but didn’t!

I’d say Nick was spoiling us but he would never admit it. Nick said he was simply doing what’s right in making sure his customers were well taken care of. And taken care of, we were! I’ll have to leave my RX-20 on the truck and push a wand for the next few weeks just to shed the pounds I gained from eating such great food, and enjoying such great care!

I’m sure I speak for many people who have been touched by Nick’s example of sincere customer service. May I say, “Thank you” to Nick for exemplifying a great model of quality customer service, and sincere care for me as a customer. A passion that I’ll pay forward in my business.

To the man who really put the word, “family”, as the mission for Jon-Don I say, “You have a loyal customer for life!!!”

Thank you!

Shawn Abbey,
SFS Class of August, ’09 (Portland)

Steve’s note: And I would add, “Thank you, Shawn.  We are absolutely at your service.  Don’t be a stranger on this site.”[/private]

3 thoughts on “A sincere tribute to an industry giant (and not from one of his employees) …”

  1. Nick is the best! Seeing his servant attitude was awesome. Not many heads of companies will do that. One of the reasons why I have switched to buying more from JonDon!! Of course, Bill, Steve and Chuck had some to do with that as well.

  2. This comment is very true. I recently attended the strategies program in langhorn PA, I was there, the last day was sep 25th and I am somewhat depressed. The entire week I have learned so much from, steve, bill, chuck and nick that I will be forever grateful, steve makes learning fun, easy, humorous he is a top notch instructor who can make just learning the phone book fun, chuck lays out numbers learning as easy to understand as dialing numbers on the phone, bills marketing technique makes you wonder why he is a human being and not a computer generated marketing software. The reason I am somewhat depressed you ask, is because I miss learning from the best and when I say best that is a huge understatement. Nick is a man with a heart of gold, he cares for people and their quest for knowledge in this industry and shows it with the hospitality he provides for his customers, wich without a doubt he considers family. take this course, meet these people, enjoy the knowledge they provide and if you can tell me you are not satisfied and you do not miss them when you leave….I will pay for your course

  3. Thanks, Mike. I was speaking with another student last week about this same sort of bitter-sweet feeling I get at the end of every SFS. (I’ve taught over 70 of them!) Sure, I’m eager to get back to the “real life” but i am also sort of nostalgic to be leaving the little ‘band of brothers” that we form among us at every seminar. The key is to stay focused on your goals and implementing the things you learned. (You have an impressive list of tasks lined up in your Action Plan.)

    Stay in touch with us, keep popping in on this site (we add things on an almost daily basis), keep Jim and Michelle under control and you will do great! Keep me posted and thanks again …


    PS I sent your post to Nick, Mike. Comments like this mean a great deal to him.

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