Why (and how) you should use “VBQ’s” with your Initial Contact

greeting initial contactWe all naturally reject salespeople. Think about it. When a retail salesperson approaches you with, “May I help you?” you automatically respond… “No, I’m just looking!” Yet in reality you likely could have benefited from their advice!

When you make commercial (and restoration) sales visits you hit this Initial Rejection too! So you must first “break through” by “intriguing” your first contact. (We frequently call this person the Gate Keeper!) Now simply…

Interview your Initial Contact (I/C) by asking simple “Valid Business Questions”. (VBQ’s)

Here’s why this 5 Step Initial Interview works: A) You gain important account information while B) developing a relationship with your I/C and C) gently forcing them to invest time in this transaction. NOTE: Flatter your Initial Contact by jotting down their answers to your VBQ’s!

Initial Commercial VBQ’s:

#1- Are most of your floor areas carpet or hard surfaces? Is the rest of your carpet like this area? 

#2- About how many people work here? Is this the main employee entrance? Do you have an employee break area or kitchen? Do you remember what flooring you have there?

#3- Does an inside staff maintain your flooring or do you use an outside service? Have you noticed any floor maintenance challenges yourself? Do you personally look after maintenance issues or is there someone else that works on this?

Restoration NOTE: This VBQ Interview works great on sales calls to insurance agents and adjusters. Just tweak your VBQ’s to discover THEIR “Point of Pain”!

Now move your Initial Contact to the next step by saying:

#4- “This has been VERY helpful, Ms. (pause) I’m sorry, my name is Steve. What’s your name?

#5- So Sally, would this be a good time to ask Mr. Jones a few questions? I’ll be brief and my recommendations will make his job (and your life) a lot easier? Smile and shut up!

Many times your I/C will say, “Let me check…” BINGO!

But what happens if they say, “No, he isn’t available.” Are you defeated? NO! Let’s talk about this soon…


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