A utility cart for more efficient truck re-stocking

utility cartSo I recently shared how to stop “Desperation Re-ordering”. Label each item’s location with 1) its name, 2) the level to re-order at, 3) the re-order quantity and 4) who to order from. Then assign an employee (or you!) to check inventory with this form every week. Done!

Now let’s focus on how to re-stock your truck(s) efficiently. For example…

Load a utility cart with all the chemicals to restock on your truck(s).

At the end of each day roll the utility cart up to a truck and swap out full jugs with partially empty ones. Then roll the cart back to your storage area and use a funnel to fill other partially empty jugs. This re-stock procedure will save you steps and a LOT of time.

HINT: Don’t keep “topping off” the same old jug. Instead, rotate out old chemical bottles with new ones. Otherwise that ancient plastic jug will eventually spring a leak and you’ll have a gallon of spotter to clean up in your van! (Don’t ask me how I learned this!)

And with your new-found efficiency obsession I want you to re-focus on your van organization using my “Hierarchy of Needs” concept. (I stole this from an early 20th century psychologist!)

Once you have invested time, effort and the mental agony in getting organized (it IS a LOT of work!) insist your employees “play by the rules”! NOTE: Make it a fun game when you introduce my Employee Efficiency Bonus system into your company.)

Now git yerself to organizing your utility cart!


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