Less trips out to the van = more efficiency/money in your pocket!

Time really is money. So lately I’ve been focused on efficiency in the shop. (Including avoiding “Desperation Re-ordering”!)

Now let’s “git efficient” on the job. And yes, every unneeded trip to the truck costs you. Reduce your on-the-job steps and you’ll save money/time/energy. So I want you to…

backpack for efficiencyBuy a backpack with lots of pockets. (Not too big or you’ll be knocking pictures off customer’s walls!)

Make sure your backpack can stand on its own without falling over. Then fill ‘er up! What to carry?

1) Start with 4 or 5 cotton “bath mats” for those slippery carpet-to-hard-floor-transitions.

2) Add enough foam blocks for the entire job and use the pockets for small assorted tools.

3) Include furniture sliders, foam blocks and your sticky tabs. (I LOVE these things!)

4) Don’t forget hose straps and your “hose stabilizer” that hooks on to the client’s stair banister. (No more “hose spaghetti” at the bottom of the stairs!)

5) Now throw in all the “miscellaneous stuff” that forces you into more trips to the van! Pens, a pencil box containing a lighter, pliers, napping shears, PH pen, etc.

6) And of course include bottles of your Lifetime FREE Spot-Out spotter.

Throw your backpack on, stick a walk off mat for the front door under your arm and carry your clipboard and business card in your free hand. Before the customer answers the door, roll out your walk off mat so your hands are free and introduce yourself.

By carrying everything on the first trip you’ll save at least 3 or 4 trips to the van on every job! You’ll also be more efficient moving from room to room because all of your smaller items will be with you and organized. And you’ll save even more time putting away your equipment too!

Besides saving steps and time this efficiency backpack idea tells your customer that you know what you are doing. As my mother always said, “A place for everything and everything in its place.”


1 thought on “Less trips out to the van = more efficiency/money in your pocket!”

  1. Hey Steve,

    Jonathan Tolbert here in Athens, Georgia.

    Love that free stand back pack you recommended. Got any suggestions of where to find it? I’ve been googling without seeing that one and that one you show looks really good.

    Owner operator
    Jonathan Tolbert
    First Serve Cleaning

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