A rant for your health

Just do itWatch out!  Time for a “Steve’s rant”!  As a carpet cleaner you are invariably exposed to various “noxious substances”.  Both from the cleaning agents we use AND the stuff you are taking out of the customer’s home.  So WHY would you CHOOSE to expose your body to even worse products?  Where am I going with this …

Simple.  QUIT SMOKING! Just do it. Smoking is the ONE THING that you can control above all else and will greatly aggravate other problems. You literally are committing “slow suicide” every time you inhale. (Plus it is really expensive and makes you smell bad!)


PS  I am surprised that I am as healthy as I am looking back at what by was by today’s standards our incredibly unsafe work practices.  Of course, I’ve never smoked. (Done a lot of other dumb things though …)  So please, use your Personal Safety Equipment and follow the safety procedures we recommend.  (And insist that your employees do so also.)

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