The why and how of ‘less’…

Alvin Toffler popularized the term “Information Overload” in his 1970 book “Future Shock”. Guess what? Our ‘daily impressions’ (information) have dramatically INCREASED over the last 49 years!

That’s right, we have become an overwhelmed, ‘attention deficit’ bunch! So you must 1) ‘break through’ the massive clutter inundating everyone’s lives and then 2) share only the essential facts. This constant barrage of ‘Information Overload’ means we all need ‘white space’ as in normally…

‘Less is more’. For example…

Vehicle signage- Sure … I know. With a van wrap you can jam everything including the kitchen sink on the side of your truck. And you’ll wind up with an unreadable mass of ‘camouflage’ that (at best) leaves prospects wondering what exactly it is you do!

Less is more: Company name/logo, services offered (please no more “Commercial/Residential” blah-blah ‘space fillers’!), phone number, website and… lots of white space! For example, notice Kevin Kluth of Rochester, NY used the ‘less is more’ principle here:

less is more van wrap

Business cards- Your average 45+ customer can’t even read the fine print crammed onto your cards!

Less is more: Leave substantial white space on the back of your card so you can create a great Moment of Truth by writing your ‘personal cell number’ down for your client. (This works great with a traumatized insured!)

NOTE: Check out Big Bill Yeadon’s better business cards checklist HERE!

Financial reports- Admit it, your financials are always A) late and B) SUPER intimidating! So you flip over to the final page, check the number on the bottom line and scream, “Exactly WHERE is all this money I’m supposed to be making!”

Less is more: Download my Financial ‘Flash Report’ HERE! This one page form was on my desk every Monday morning. It gave me the details on the last week AND the big picture for the week ahead!

And since less is more I’m out of here!


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