STOP procrastinating on firing a bad employee! Part 1

let bad employees goWe’ve all fallen into this trap! No one likes the ‘ugly confrontation’ of letting a bad employee go. And you dread hiring, orienting and training their replacement. (Plus invariably your worst employees will have the sweetest wives and cutest kids!) So you put the firing off, vainly hoping this loser will ‘improve’ (not gonna happen!) or at least quit on their own!  Listen carefully here:

Get bad employees out of your business (and your life) NOW!

Doubt me? Straight out of the fifth day (I leave the ‘distasteful stuff’ till last!) of SFS: Business Transformation here are five reasons why you must stop putting off the inevitable!

NOTE to SFS Training grads: Yes, I know we covered this. But some (many?) of you may STILL be tolerating losers in your business so read on!

1. The “bad apple” syndrome. Yep! It doesn’t seem fair but ‘bad people’ always corrupt ‘good people’. Or at the very least your best hires will quickly leave a toxic workplace! (And who can blame them?)

2. Business is supposed to be fun. You’ll likely spend more time working in and/or focusing on (obsessing about?) your business than anything else in your life. And yet just one nasty, dysfunctional employee will suck the daily joy out of your life. And ruin it for your other quality workers too!  (See #1 above!)

3. Your business is a reflection of you. Are you proud of your people? You should be! If not, ask yourself why not and get rid of the offending employee!

4. Better to do it sooner than later! Sometimes an unhappy employee hates their job AND their life. But they just don’t quite have the initiative to actually quit. So they will subconsciously worsen over time ‘act out’ (Yes, just like our kids!) hoping you will terminate them. All I can say is fulfill their wish… ASAP!

5. Get rid of the ‘dull toothache’. Even with a long term toothache no one likes going to the dentist. It is costly, distasteful and painful. (Much like terminating a bad worker!) But toothaches (just like marginal employees) worsen over time and you finally deal with it. OUCH! But don’t you feel great the next day when the pain is gone? The same ‘happy relief’ will flood your entire consciousness when you finally suck it up and dump this loser person out of your life!

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