STOP procrastinating on firing a bad employee! Part 2

True confessions time: I LOVED cleaning carpets. But eventually I realized that just ‘pushing the wand’ would never let me build a Critical Mass Business. (A company that would run without me and give me the elusive Personal Freedom I craved!

So I A) developed written systems and procedures, B) hired employees and… C) DISASTER STRUCK! The problem? Building a ‘Business Infrastructure’ is a logical, orderly process and I quickly discovered that dealing with employees was the exact opposite of “logical and orderly”!

NOTE: I tell every SFS Training group that “With SFS concepts and our Business Infrastructure you can control almost everything in your company. Marketing, production, finances, customers- no problem! BUT employees will ALWAYS be the ‘wild card’ that YOU CAN’T TOTALLY CONTROL in your business!” GRRRR!

Expert entrepreneurs deal with this ’employee challenge’ by A) recruiting a quality team of the Very Best People all focused on a common vision and B) when they do make a bad hiring decision they help the ‘bad apple’ employee to ‘move on’.

I recently shared five reasons to fire ‘marginal people’ NOW! And yet, you procrastinate! So let me seal the deal with…

The TOP TWO REASONS to get loser people out of your business (and life) NOW!

#1: You deserve your weekends back! Please reflect back on how many weekends you have spent (wasted?) fretting about an employee. (We’ll call him ‘Joe’.) The worry is constantly lurking as in: “Is Joe going to get another DUI and not be able to drive the van?” Or “Is Joe going to beat up his wife and I’ll have to bail him out of jail… again?”

Meanwhile, is Joe spending his weekend worrying about you! NO! In fact, Joe isn’t even worried about Joe! He is well into his third 12 pack of Budweiser after which he’ll try to drive home totally drunk! Seriously think on this essential principle…

“When you are more worried about your employee’s welfare than they are…
it is time to say GOODBYE!”

The trap? Becoming ‘co-dependent’ with a marginal employee. Just remember the longer you let Joe stay in your business you are putting YOUR family’s financial welfare at risk! Is he worth this risk? And speaking of risk…

#2. What do you owe your clients? Remember that we work in the ‘inner sanctum’ of our customer’s lives- their homes and/or businesses! So your homework is to look at every employee (and sub-contractor) that you send out and ask yourself one introspective question:

“Deep down- how would I feel about THIS tech working alone
in MY house with MY wife?”

People, if you have even the slightest gnawing doubt WHY would you inflict this marginal loser individual on your trusting client? The moral, ethical and financial risks to you are HUGE!

So are you resolved to remove less-than-the-Very-Best-People from your business? Then how can you tactfully but decisively fire someone? Let’s work on this unpleasant (but-oh-so-very-important) topic soon!


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  1. Steve miracle mark here there is another way to motivate employees to perform or leave it’s something that I’ve done several times if your guy comes in late u just let them get settled in 4 the day then u walk over to them and just say sorry but i cant use u 2 day but I’ll pay u 4 an hour u can do this numerous times till they get the point and if that dosent work then u just run out of work 4 them 4 a day or 2 or u can let them file 4 unemployment and then take them back the next day or u can run out of work 4them 4 a day or 2and then call them in 2 work 4 an hour or 2 at the end of the day so u just play the game till they get the message and quit or perform the way they should life is all about the game that’s what I love i never fire any one ever people just need motivation some times and im just the guy 2 do it miracle mark ha.

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