Orient employees with these 4 key concepts

orient employees to work in home and business placeSo you did it! You engaged in my 7-step “careful courtship” of recruiting, interviewing and hiring a new technician! CONGRATULATIONS! After all, you don’t really want to “grow old on the wand”, do you?

And now? Are you going to throw your (usually young) techs “to the wolves”? That’s what happens when you don’t orient employees in the Emotional Dynamics of working “on-location” in your customer’s homes! Instead, I want you to…

Orient employees on “Home Front Challenges” with four Strategies for Success concepts…

1: At best, clients FEEL we are a “Tolerated Irritation” (even an “intrusion”) in their homes.

2: A new residential customer can easily FEEL defensive, vulnerable, trapped and invaded with an unknown tech in the “inner sanctum” of their home!

3: The 80% Principle states that “A customer subliminally decides if any service is a “good job” or a “bad job” based on how they FEEL about the person(s) performing the service”! (See your challenge?)

4: Create Cheerleaders out of residential clients by guiding your tech’s in-the-home actions with this step-by-step Moment of Truth Checklist. (My techs used this “Service Script” with great success!)

NOTE: Even before you do a “trial hire” with a new tech review VAS concepts with them. Download this FREE 6 step “Initial Value Added Service Pre-training” Outline I used HERE!  (Or check out my 7 hour audio technician training program HERE.)

Restoration Hint: Nothing calms the traumatized emotions of an Insured better than Value Added Service. So CLICK HERE for the step-by-step script my techs followed in a fire or water damage loss.

Now don’t you have some orientation/training to to do? Best wishes and let me know how you are doing out there!


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