Why (and how) to FOCUS on a new hire …

new hireIt’s a LOT of work to recruit, interview, hire, orient and train a new employee. And that’s just the eginning!

So obviously I wanted my Very Best People (VBP) to ‘stick around’! Over time I realized my truly loyal, best employees had ‘bought in emotionally’ to my company. Yep, just like with your customers, it is all about ‘the relationship’!

The best time to create and build this essential employee relationship? During and immediately after your hiring process when you…

‘Stage manage’ your new hire’s first few weeks. Here’s how I did it…

During the hiring process- Focus on your company’s appearance and business image. Simply put, VBP want to work for a ‘Very Best Company’! (VBP will also check you out online- what will they see?)

Before hiring full time- Have your best candidate work with you for a day or two BEFORE they quit their current job. (Even better, test them out as an ‘on-call’ or part time tech.) This ‘Trial Hire’ can save a lot of heartache- on both sides!

Get their family on board- After you have formally hired a new employee (not before!) ask, “So do you have family? Kids?” Invite the whole bunch out to lunch with you and your family and then offer, “Would you kids like a tour of where Dad will be working?” This will pay off big time in… building the relationship!

Do an immediate Meet-and-Greet- Our new worker would walk in for their first day and see our ‘Welcome Aboard’ banner! All our employees would applaud, introductions were made and it was coffee and donut time! 15 minutes maximum and it was ‘back to work’! 🙂

Now it is ‘mentoring time’- My new worker’s pre-assigned mentor/trainer took over in our ‘new employee stage play’! But notice that word ‘trainer’. Can your ‘new hire training’ be improved with a ‘Positive Accountability’ system? Let’s focus on this soon!


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