How to sell more protector from your cell phone!

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Grocery stores make HUGE profits from customers in the checkout line. Why? Because of ‘impulse buying’! (You know- gum, magazines, beef jerky, candy bars, etc!) You too will make HUGE profits when you…

Give homeowners the opportunity to ‘impulsively buy’ protector over-the phone even when they aren’t home! Here’s how to do it…

1) After you’ve booked the job on the initial ‘Lead Conversion’ phone call mention, “We normally ‘re-apply’ the carpet’s protective finish after your cleaning…” One of two things will now happen:

a) IF the caller orders it right then wonderful! But if they start to decline your protector option just quickly interject with…

b) “I understand, Mrs. Jones. Why don’t we wait and see how your carpets respond to the cleaning and you can decide then.” (The tech will then bring protector up after she is blown away by her sparkling clean carpets.)

2) But IF Mrs. Jones says she won’t be home during her cleaning reply,  “I understand. Can you take a brief call at work from (tech’s name) after he finishes to review the job with you? Should he call your cell phone or on the business line?”

a) If your client replies, “Sure, they can call me at work” just write the number to call on your tech’s work order. Then…

b) In your tech’s after-cleaning-phone-call they will 1) clearly identify themselves, 2) ask a Courtesy Question, 3) explain that everything “looks great”, 4) ask if they can verbally walk the home owner through the job and finally 5) conclude with this QuickTIP:

Tech: “Mrs. Jones, I don’t have anything written down on re-applying your carpet protector. Would you like me to renew your carpet’s protective finish?”

Client: “Hmm. You say the carpets look really good?”

Tech: “Yes, I was surprised at how well they restored… almost like new.”

Client: “So… remind me again how much the protective finish will cost?”

Tech: “To re-apply the finish on everything we cleaned today will be $243.20.”

Client: “Hmmmm… can you put it on my credit card?”

BINGO! An ‘impulse buy’ that puts huge profits in your pocket! Even after a generous ‘Additional Service Option’ (ASO) bonus to your tech!

NOTE: Your tech should always pre-calculate all the homeowner’s ASO prices BEFORE they call. After all, if the tech has to slowly figure the price with a busy (and working) client impatiently waiting on the phone it won’t be an ‘impulse buy’ and you’ll lose the ASO sale!

Restoration HINT: Restoration contractors can just automatically include ‘re-application’ of the protector with Exactimate line item CLN-FCCPC (Depending on your location Xactimate currently allows $0.18- $0.24 per foot for protector application!)

REMEMBER, you’ll never even get a chance to ‘re-apply’ their protective finish if you don’t ‘Win over your caller’ when they first contact you! Learn 100’s of new ‘Lead Conversion’ strategies in our online SFS: ‘Winning over your caller’! LIVE seminar! CLICK HERE for upcoming dates. (Or click HERE for all your online SFS: LIVE seminar options.)


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