How to close the protector sale from your cell phone

Grocery stores make HUGE profits from customers standing in the checkout line. Why? Because of ‘impulse buying’! (You know- gums, magazines, beef jerky, candy bars, etc!)

So give your residential customers the opportunity to ‘impulsively buy’ protector over-the phone even when they aren’t home! Here is how to do it…

a) On the initial phone call when booking the job mention that you also can “re-apply” the Scotchgard protective finish after cleaning. IF the caller orders it right then wonderful! But if they start to decline the protector option just quickly interject with…

b) “I understand, Mrs. Jones. Why don’t we wait and see how the carpets respond to the cleaning and you can decide then.” (You will bring protector up when she is blown away by her sparkling clean carpets.)

c) But IF she won’t be home for the cleaning reply,  “I understand. Can you receive a brief call at work from (tech’s name) after he finishes to review the job with you? Should he call your cell phone or on the business line?”

d) If your clients says “No problem” on being called at work just make a notation for your tech(s) on their work order.

e) Now in your tech’s after-cleaning-phone-call they will 1) explain who is calling, 2) that everything looks great, 3) ask if they can verbally walk the home owner through the job and then 4) conclude with this week’s QuickTIP:

Tech: “Mrs. Jones, I don’t have anything written down on your carpet protector. Should I renew your Scotchgard protective finish?”

Client: “Hmm. You say the carpets look really good?”

Tech: “Yes, I was surprised at how well they restored… almost like new.”

Client: “So how much is the Scotchgard?”

Tech: “To reapply the finish on everything we cleaned today will cost 143.20.”

Client: “So can you put it on my credit card?”

BINGO! An impulse buy that puts huge profits in your pocket! (Even after a generous “upsell” bonus to your tech!)

Restoration HINT: You restorers can just automatically include “reapplication” of the protector with Exactimate line item CLN-FCCPC (Depending on your location Xactimate currently allows $0.16- $0.20 per foot for protector application!)


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