Challenge your new ‘Very Best People’ techs immediately!

two weeks trainingAn essential part of building a company that runs without you (what I call a Critical Mass Business) is to recruit and hire the Very Best People (VBP) for your team.

NOTE: Building a great team is especially important if you choose our SFS recommended 3-Legged Stool Business Model.

I also recently shared eight tips on how to KEEP these VBP long term by building an emotional bond between them and your company. (VBP will simply NOT stay in a toxic atmosphere or with a marginal company ONLY for a paycheck!)

Once you have hired your VBP you must orient and train them… quickly! Why? Because psychologists tell us that a new employee will decide subconsciously whether they will stick with you long term OR leave quickly in the first two weeks of their employment. So you must…

‘Stage manage’ a new employee’s entrance to your company! An essential actor in this process will be the exemplary employee assigned to ‘mentor’ your new hire. (If you are a small company this mentor may be you!) However, your mentor should also…

Train your new employee using a 2 week ‘Fast Track Training’ system.

NOTE: My goal? I wanted new techs to be capable of handling simple cleaning or restoration jobs alone AND within two weeks after hiring!  Why? Because the Very Best People (the ones you want!) need to be challenged AND ‘feel useful’ right away! Here’s how I did this:

My ‘Fast Track Training’ concept A) organized and tracked the Initial Training and B) held both the mentor/trainer and new tech ‘accountable’. Here’s how to set up your very own Fast Track Training system:

1. List out the basic steps needed to run a job alone. Headings for basic carpet cleaning might include 1) Paperwork, 2) Truck stocking, 3) Equipment names and purpose, 4) Customer ‘Moments of Truth’ outline, 5) Setting up the job, 6) Starting the machine, 7) Basic carpet cleaning procedures, 8) Reviewing the job with client, 9) Receiving payment, 10) Communicating with the office, etc.

NOTE: Click HERE for a free SFS Fast Track Training procedure on Customer Service. (Or check out my ‘Winning on the Home Front’ 7 hour digital Tech Training system!)

2. Under each heading list the actual procedures needed for each step. For example, under ‘Paperwork’ list out 1) Reading your Production Day Sheet, 2) Purpose of Job Folders, 3) Filling out the Work Order, 4) Recording customer concerns, etc.

3. Analyze which tasks a new tech should learn on Day One. Put your company’s applicable written procedures in a folder marked Day One.

4. Develop a one page ‘Skills Review’ multiple choice test for Day One. Clip it to your Day One folder. Repeat for all 10 days. Simple, right? 🙂 (OR you could attend SFS: Business Transformation and receive a pre-done Fast Track Training system!)

5. Git ‘er done! So after your new hire’s Welcome Aboard party the Mentor/Trainer picks up their Job Folders for the day along with the Day One Skills Review and Procedures Folder. As they work together the Trainer focuses on teaching the assigned tasks on the Day One Skills Review.

6. Accountability! At the end of the Day One your new worker takes the Skills Review test. 100% correct answers? GREAT! Their Trainer gets a $20.00 cash bonus immediately! Now that’s accountability! (And Positive Peer Pressure!)

NOTE: And after your new VBP employee successfully passes all 10 Skills Reviews? Ceremonially hand them a $100.00 bill at your new staff meeting… while giving Public Recognition!

Folks, this two week Fast Track Training system works… IF YOU DO! (BTW, this Fast Track Training concept works for office and sales staff too!) Let me know your results!


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