‘Mentor’ new hires for new employee retention

new employee retentionMy long term staff loved our company. But occasionally I’d be surprised by a recently hired worker…

New employee: “Uhhh, Steve, I’ve got a new job down at …”

Me: “But you just started six weeks ago!”

New Employee: “I’m sorry, Steve. But I just don’t feel like I fit in here.” This was a serious bummer because…

1) Recruiting, 2) interviewing, 3) reference checking, 4) hiring, 5) orienting and 6) training a new employee is expensive, time consuming and emotionally draining! I realized I needed to analyze how to improve my new employee retention for those first few critical weeks!

I quickly realized a new (and nervous) worker could easily feel frightened, overwhelmed and even ignored in our fast moving company! I had to overcome these negative feelings and you will too when you…

Assign a staff member to ‘mentor’ each new employee.

Sure, you’re thinking “Hey, this new kid applied for the job. So they can suck it up!” Sorry folks, it doesn’t work that way.

Subconsciously a new employee will decide to quickly quit OR stay long term during their first two weeks on the job. (Of course, sometimes they don’t resign for six months which is bad for everyone!) So every new employee needs a…

men·tor [ˈmenˌtôr] an experienced and trusted guide or adviser” Your new hire’s mentor should be a reliable and experienced employee who has ‘bought in’ to your company’s Value Added Service mission. They’ll serve as an ‘Employee Cheerleader’ for your company but at the same time be a friend for your new worker. New employee retention success!
My goal? I wanted to ‘stage manage’ my new worker’s first few weeks (and even months) with my company. Their mentor was an essential actor in this ‘New Employee Stage Play’. Let’s focus on this soon!

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