Should a professional carpet cleaner learn from MSN’s focus on women?

One of my favorite blogs is They make insightful posts on how companies can effectively market to women.  This includes detailing how a website can appeal to women rather than your average ho-hum site.

womans worldRecently there was a comparison between the new MSN site versus the old one. You immediately notice a difference in the colors used. And no I don’t mean the new site shows  different shades of pink!  (Let’s not get patronizing here!)

The new MSN design is based on the proven fact that men’s minds are more “compartmentalized” while women tend to look at  the world from a more “holistic” (and probably more healthy!) viewpoint.

Here’s the post: MSN’s New Home Page Embraces Female Friendly Design

I write frequently about the residential carpet cleaning industry being dominated by men.  The problem is we tend to view everything through male eyes while our audience is almost exclusively female. This is proven on a recent post on one of the industry discussion forums. The question was one every woman asks: “Should I put fancy wheels on my van?” … Enough said!

If any of the above makes sense to you then you really need to listen to Steve Toburen in Jon-Don’s Strategies for Success seminar as he expounds on just why you MUST learn to “put on the Customer’s Eyeglasses“!

2 thoughts on “Should a professional carpet cleaner learn from MSN’s focus on women?”

  1. Great info, Bill. We are revamping the content and layout of our website. Knowing the primary buying/decision making group are women when it comes to selecting and hiring a carpet cleaner, we will be incoporating these findings in to the re-design. You couldn’t have beem more timely with this post!

  2. Puhleeease, Meg. The man already has a head two sizes bigger than his body. (Of course, when you are Bill’s stature it is easy to get the “big head”.)


    PS Actually, Meg, you are 100% correct. Bill has an almost eerie grasp of the female buying psyche. Of course, having all those daughters in the house didn’t hurt!

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