Help honest cleaners stay honest with “Employee Accountability”

honesty in workplaceIf you are going to build a Critical Mass Business you inevitably will have to hire employees. Most of your workers will not be evil, bad people. (At least I hope not!) However, many people today are ‘amoral’ as in not being guided by a strong sense of right and wrong. Therefore…

If you have employees (or are even thinking about hiring people in the future) implement a ‘biometric time clock’ where employees “sign in” with their fingerprint instead of a punch card.  This prevents the infamous “buddy punching” which can cost you thousands of dollars per year.

Even better, most biometric time clocks will link up with Quickbooks and other accounting programs, will give each employee a running tally of  their hours worked for the week  and will import all the payroll data automatically which saves you a lot of input time and avoids accounting errors.

I always survey each SFS class and am amazed at how few employers have ANY time clock in use.  So sad because if you are depending on your employees to write in their time they will “round it off” and they NEVER round it down!  So just Google the phrase, “Biometric time clock” and lets get this one implemented.  I see them on the web as low as $150.00 so your savings should pay for a fingerprint time clock almost immediately.

Steve Toburen

NOTE:  Explain to your employees you are adding the fingerprint time clock for greater efficiency and to prevent “accidental errors”!  Never make your people feel as if you don’t trust them.  HOWEVER, I always say about employees, “Trust but verify!”  It is all about helping your “honest people stay honest”.  For more about “Adding Employee Accountability to Your Company” just download this Report.  Like everything else on it is free.

P.S.  So … what other “Employee Accountability”  ideas are you using in your company?  Send them in to and remember you don’t need to have attended the Strategies for Success seminar to participate.

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