You deserve a “working vacation”!

OK, it looks like most of the country has a temporary break from the snow/ ice/ frigid temperatures of winter.  But we all know that isn’t going to last!  Now just imagine about a month from now luxuriating in …

A warm and wonderful (and tax deductible!) tropical vacation where you just might transform your business.  (And just maybe your life!)  That’s right- we’re gearing up for our annual “Winter Getaway” Strategies for Success seminar in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida.

Sioux and I love St. Petersburg for its eclectic but quiet downtown and the 1920’s ambiance of the area.  The wildlife is always impressive (Sioux is a semi-obsessed bird watcher) and do I need to mention the beaches?  Plus St. Pete is always warm and sunny in late January!

Now don’t think that we are going to goof off starting on Monday, January 30th!  Far from it!  For the next five days you’ll be put through an intensive (some say “brutal”) college level management and marketing class designed specifically for the carpet cleaning, restoration and commercial/janitorial industry.

Even better, the Three Musketeers of SFS (Chuck Violand, “Big Billy” Yeadon and yours truly) are going through our every-few-years task of totally redoing our respective parts of the SFS seminar.  So even if you have attended SFS before- starting in St. Pete you’ll be treated to an entirely new (and we hope better) course format.

So why not treat yourself (and your spouse) to a great tax-deductible week in Florida and at the same time soak up the transformational concepts (and Business Infrastructure) of our newly renovated Strategies for Success seminar?

Steve Toburen

PS  Thanks to lots of “snowbird cleaners” we tend to fill our Florida SFS seminar early.  So give our Tampa Bay area manager, Brian Ohle, a call today at 800-201-6313.  Local number: (727) 570-8700  Or email Brian at

3 thoughts on “You deserve a “working vacation”!”

  1. Steve, my wife and I are looking forward to Stratagies here in a few weeks. We, of course, live in this beautiful town and we hope that the weather will be beautiful and warm again, like last year. I attended last year and Marie will be joining me this time. She has been talking about this for at least three months. We look forward to learning from you, Chuck and Bill again. Have a Happy New Year!! See you in less than a month.

  2. We love the Tampa Bay area in the winter, Paul. Maybe that is why Sioux always comes with me! And it will be great to have Marie in the class. Couples who attend together ALWAYS learn AND implement much more than when they come solo.


    PS Of course,Paul, you DO know that you will be “creating a monster” as in, “Paul, honey, why didn’t you do this after SFS last year?” 🙂 Nothing like having your feet held to the fire!!!

  3. I know, Steve. Believe it or not, I enjoy having my feet held to the fire. I need her to push me and to challenge me when I become complacent. Not sure how many men would actually admit to that…lol. Last year, I learned so much and implemented some of what I learned. Was hard to implement everything. That is why we are returning this year. We figure that if we attend every year, we will just get better and better. We have a “5 year plan”. Hopefully, the last such plan I will ever have to put together.

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