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Is Marketing Getting Harder?

Hey everybody,

Instead of me pontificating on marketing for cleaners I’m looking for your input on this question: “Do you feel you have a handle on your cost AND return on your marketing initiatives?” Why do I ask? Good point …

While reading a review on the book Marketing Metrics (Yes, I know- this isn’t exactly light reading but I love this stuff!) I came across two thought-provoking quotes. So now I want to know what YOU think.

First the statement: “Marketing is one of the least understood, least measurable functions at many companies…” My guess is this probably doesn’t surprise anyone.

The second quote is from a reviewer: “I agree while presuming to add that not all data (however accurate, relevant, and sufficient it may be) will possess a predictive capability. Recent research in neuroscience (e.g. involving use of fMRI technologies) suggests that some consumer behavior cannot be measured by traditional methodologies and at least some of that behavior can neither be measured nor managed. (I added the bold print.)

So if marketing (and managing prospect’s responses) is getting more difficult to measure then marketing must be more challenging for all of us. Once again, my question for you is, “Do you feel you have a handle on your cost AND return on your marketing initiatives?”

If your answer is a resounding “YES” then please share with us your marketing/measuring strategy. If you reply with a discouraged “NO” then please let your SFS team know how we can help. As Steve Toburen always says, “We’re all in this together!”

Bill Yeadon

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