Chart your employees way to consistency

large posters in officePrepare large posters of Procedures with simple, easy steps numbered in order. Then post them on the wall in the areas where they will be used. For example, post a Van Cleaning chart in the truck bays, a Loading Procedure Chart in the restocking area and a Chemical Mixing Chart in the chemical room. Place the posters out of customer view. The same principle can apply to the office with a Telephone Answering Procedure, etc.

Great idea! It’s easy (more or less) to write up Procedures. But the problem is they get hidden away in the Operations Manual and everything slides downhill over time. (Remember entropy?) If you do this (and you should) be sure to make the posters very neat or even better go to a Quick Print shop and they can produce them professionally for you quite inexpensively. Remember that the “E-Myth” tells us to make your entire operation orderly, neat, consistent and professional appearing. By the way, if your posters fit this criteria I’m not sure they need to be “hidden” out of customer view. I know when I see clear and concise instructions posted for employees in a place of business it is a Positive Moment of Truth for me as a consumer.


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