“Forward Schedule” your carpet cleaning appointments!

At the end of the job (when the customer loves both you AND her sparkling clean carpets) is the perfect time to schedule the next visit. The SFS Operations Manual has the complete procedure on HOW you can do this. But here is a general reminder to rattle the cage for some of you!

Upon completion of the carpet cleaning job each employee must at time of payment try to make an appointment for the customer’s next cleaning. Then a sticker is placed on their vacuum cleaner with the date written in and our company logo.

“Forward Scheduling” is an absolutely incredible idea for the carpet cleaner that is almost totally ignored in this industry. After all, what does the receptionist ask you when you pay for your dentist visit? That’s right, in a routine, almost bored manner she states, “Now do you want your next visit scheduled on the same day of the week?” And YOU go ahead and schedule it, don’t you? In other words, the dentist ASSUMES you are going to continue doing business with him!

I love this concept! But let’s get more input on this Forward Scheduling idea. Just post your comments and ideas below. My only concern about the “bare bones” idea listed above is our Technicians are going to need some exact phrases burned into their mind to avoid creating some negative Moments of Truth.

So how about it, campers? Have you tried doing Forward Scheduling? Puhleeease send me your ideas and Procedures on this one. Together we’ll come up with something great! (For those “Doubting Thomas’s” out there that think this idea will work in the dentist office but never in the customer’s home, think again! “Sooty Bob” Daniels, the king of the chimney sweeping industry, has been preaching Forward Scheduling for years and thousands of sweeps have revolutionized their businesses using the concept.


P.S. One gentle request. Remember that this free QuickTIPS service depends on all our members sharing their Techniques, Ideas, Procedures and Systems. (Cute acronym, huh?) So please, drop us a line at sfs@StrategiesForSuccess.com and share what works for you.

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