Lovin’ that new technology

[private]mino-flipFor many years my wife told me we should get a video camera so we could record my kids growing up. Seeing that my youngest is 26 I may have missed the window of opportunity. But this post is about business not my shortcomings as a dad.

So when the new Flip cameras came out I knew they had developed it for me. This tool should be in every work vehicle and in the pocket of every marketing person. Especially for restoration techs this camera can save you from a future court date when the customer doesn’t remember the initial loss the same way you do. Filming bad stains prior to cleaning makes for great before and after videos.  And of course those on the spot testimonials when the customer is amazed at how you removed that horrendous stain.

As most of us are visual learners, procedures can be learned much easier by watching them. And you know that every tech will be exposed to procedural learning exactly the same way regardless of the trainer.

The Flip does not have a bunch of settings like a digital camera. Turn it on, point and shoot in most any lighting without changing anything. Click the USB button and it slides into your computer to automatically download. For the Youtube fans it is easily uploadable. The camera can record 2 hours. The cost is less than 200.00.

Go buy one today. At least I will be ready to film my grandchildren.[/private]

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