Do the job right

All too often we get obsessed with the “big picture”. (Production, pH, CFM’s, marketing, counting your money, etc.) But never forget that your essential Cheerleaders are built one little detail at a time. (We call these “Moments of Truth” in SFS!) For example …

Don’t forget the baseboards …

Clean the baseboards while cleaning the carpet in the room. It only takes a moment with the wand and it is a nice add-on touch. And this detail is a surprisingly big deal for the average customer.

Assuming the walls weren’t unfinished, rough sawn (absorbent) wood paneling or wallpapered, we had our techs spray the baseboards with the wand a few inches off the floor on the forward stroke when edging. Then on the return extraction stroke they would vacuum up the water. Worked great, no extra time was involved and the customer was always very appreciative.


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