Personal hygiene wins Cheerleaders

clean cut worker

No one wants to venture into the delicate area of dictating how our employees dress and groom themselves. BUT their appearance (and your dress/grooming/hygiene too, of course!) will affect how your company is judged by the home owner. At Strategies for Success our members learn that 80% of how the customer decides if it was a “good job” or a “bad job” is based on how they FEEL about the person doing the work. And obviously these “Emotional Dynamics” will be impacted by how our technicians look/smell and act! What can you do without constantly being a pest? Take a look at this recommendation.

In your company bathrooms stock mouthwash (mount a dispenser on the wall with small paper cups), electric razor, after shave, disposable combs, spray deodorant, etc.  This is a 30.00 or less investment that will pay off big.

A great idea. I am a big fan of making it easy for ANYONE to improve their personal hygiene. I remember years ago Mack Clark suggesting a “survival kit” of the above items in each truck. (Don’t forget the single use mouthwash “breath tabs” from companies like Listerine.) Also, why not keep a full box of Breath Savers by the crew area at all times? (You can buy breath mints by the case very inexpensively at Sam’s Club.)


P.S. How do you get your employees to spruce up? Share your ideas below in the comments.

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