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Paperwork is normally a needed but “tolerated irritation”  in any company.  However without the right information to analyze it is difficult to track information and improve efficiency.  So what can a business owner due to tame the paperwork beast and at the same time stay on track?  The following is one Procedure emphasizing what all of your company’s Systems should be about in the end… Providing a unique, memorable and positive customer experience.

I like to jot down the names of the children and pets so I can use them the next time I am in the home. In addition I write down any upcoming special events the kids are talking about. Then I can ask for an update the next time I am there cleaning. I review the information prior to going up to the house. Comments like these create many positive Moments of Truth: “How is your Little League team doing this year, Billy?” or “Last time I was here, Sally, you were going to Disney World. Did you have fun?” This personal interest with the kids and/or pets is appreciated by the parents.

I absolutely agree.  Lighthearted, fun stuff like this not only is a big MOT but also makes the day go faster for the Technicians too. It is important to add a degree of familiarity without intruding on people’s personal business.  As your company grows you may find it beneficial to mention the name of the Tech who was there last time as in, “Are you Billy?  Tom, your technician last year, told me you are a big baseball fan. Who are you rooting for this year?” Priceless.

P.S. What Systems have you found effective in keeping your Customer’s interests foremost? Please share your comments below.

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