Don’t let cold weather whip you!

Winters are getting weird. Normally cold weather areas are balmy and snow free- others are in a virtual whiteout! So how can your company stay safe (and productive!) when working in the ‘white stuff’? With one simple business phrase that actually applies 365 days a year…

What could happen …?

cold weather dangersLet’s abbreviate our “What could happen…?” to WCH (I’m big on acronyms!) and ask it with common winter challenges:

1. WCH… if my tech zooms into a customer’s snow-filled driveway? Tow truck! Solution? A firm rule that techs MUST walk the driveway and parking area BEFORE they pull an 8,000# van in!

2. WCH… when we don’t schedule extra travel time between a tech’s jobs? Fender bender! Solution? Most cold weather driving problems are caused by ‘excessive speed for conditions’. SLOW DOWN!

3. WCH… if we don’t look through our Customer’s Eyeglasses at our winter procedures? One star Google reviews! Solution? Implement these ‘making the client comfortable in winter’ steps.

4. WCH… when it snows the day of a customer’s appointment? They cancel and your employees are twiddling their thumbs! Solution? Add this statement to your wintertime Phone Format for when customer’s call to book an appointment. And maybe most importantly…

5. WCH… if we park too close (or even in) an open garage? (Nobody like their hoses in snow and mud!) Carbon Monoxide poisoning and maybe even dead techs, customers or YOU! Solution? Download my Carbon Monoxide warning HERE!

6. WCH… if you don’t watch my short ‘Cold Weather Survival Tools’ Featured Video below? You (and your techs) are going to be Wet, Cold and it will be ‘Hell on earth’! Hey! That’s another WCH acronym!

So can you use my WCH (What could happen…?) acronym during the entire year to work safer and be more productive/profitable? Let’s focus on this soon!


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