‘Publicly Praising’ your workers is also GREAT marketing!

employee rewardsYou probably (like me) love A) tools (toys), B) money (to buy more toys!) and C) growing your business! Your challenge? Especially to achieve “C” you’ll need to successfully manage ’employees’! And only if life could be simple…

Dream with me for a moment! You hire a new employee, he or she cheerfully works hard, your customers love them, you pay your employee and they go home. Repeat year after year! Done! Sound like your business? I thought not!

Your challenge? Many job applicants have ‘issues’. This is why I strongly urge doing a ‘trial hire’. You should also constantly be ‘recruiting’ great candidates to be ‘Employees in Waiting’. Even so, you must also MOTIVATE even the Very Best People! (VBP) How?

Your VBP stay long term when they feel like part of a family emotionally tied to you and your company. And of course you must reward your VBP financially. But you can also ‘kill two birds with one stone’ when you…

‘Publicly praise’ your employee’s customer service achievements in your marketing! Here’s how…

Host a ‘Kudos to…’ page on your website. This let’s your customers publicly give a ‘shout out’ to their tech for a great job. (And your prospective clients will read this praise!)

Include a website ‘Profile’ of each employee! Not only is this great Public Recognition but it let’s you ‘pre-introduce’ the tech (and what they will be doing) to your (nervous) customer.

NOTE: CLICK HERE for a sample ‘Employee Profile’ landing page format you should add to your website.

Use your vans to recognize a tech’s customer service. This is a great motivation AND marketing idea!

NOTE: Include this stamped Customer Comment Card in each Job Folder to encourage even more ‘tech recognition’ from your clients. And then publicly celebrate your tech’s Cheerleader making accomplishments!

All these employee rewards will boost your worker’s self-esteem. I’m thinking we should discuss this further…


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