Why (and how) you should use an employee profile

Remember the gut-wrenching anxiety of a “blind date”? What will he/she look like, be like and will they “care about me”? Guess what?

Every day your first time customers nervously wait for a “blind date” knock on their door from your tech(s). (And your employees are scared too!) Not a great way to start off! Instead…

“Pre-introduce” your techs to your customers with an employee profile!

employee profileWhen you send your “Customer Orientation email” pre-introduce the tech(s) going on the job with a link to their Employee Profile on your website! Now your client can “click” and “get to know them” before the tech arrives!

What should you include in each Employee Profile: Name, age, a brief bio, history in your local area and even names and photos of your employee’s family, pets, hobbies, etc. Include the employee’s role in your company, specialties and IICRC certifications. Or go wild and shoot a video of your tech earnestly explaining, “I love, love, love cleaning for my customers!” 🙂

NOTE: CLICK HERE  for a sample online Employee Profile template.

Bonus TIP: Your employee’s crave Public Recognition! (News Flash! This is not a “high-prestige” industry!) So include positive reviews about each tech on their online Employee Profile!

Bonus TIP #2: You can also host a public “Kudos to…” bulletin board on your website where clients (and other company workers) can praise your employees.

Restoration TIP: Pre-sending a devastated Insured your online Employee Profiles helps calm their traumatized emotions. (Or even better place your Employee profiles in the password-protected online “shared folder” you automatically set up for each Insured.)

So how do YOU guarantee a smooth “blind date” with your first-time customers?


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