Evaluate me please …

We’ve all heard the story of the “emperor who wore no clothes”. All too often we fool ourselves into thinking we are hot stuff but the perception (and maybe the reality) of our employees is totally different. So how do we get an honest opinion of management’s (our) performance? This Procedure shows you how to see yourself through your “Employee’s Eyeglasses” …

Have your employees do an evaluation on you, the owner, every six months. No names should be attached to these so you will get open and honest answers. The opinions of your employees will open your eyes on things you may have overlooked.

I always had my employees fill out two evaluations during our six month performance review sessions. One was a form evaluating themselves (which always made for very interesting reading) and the other was an evaluation of me as a manager and leader. (Which usually made for some very depressing reading!) This idea of the worker evaluating you works well if you promise (and stick to) that there will be no recriminations on your part.


P.S. How do you keep tabs on your own efficiency?  And your managers??  Please share your techniques below in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Evaluate me please …”

  1. I suppose I should go look in my SFS manuals…but I figured I’d ask anyway (and give you the opportunity to plug SFS again if you do offer such a valuble tool).

    Do you have any samples of evlauation froms developed or made up for managers to use on employees and for employees to use to provide feedback to managers?

    What should it include? Should it be a yes/no; meets, exceedes or area of oppporunity; 1-4 rating or questions which require a written answer? Behavioral or outcome based?

  2. You know, Meg, I am not a big believer in “standard forms”. But seriously, when it comes to evaluations the pre-packed ones available at any office supply store are fine. The questions are “generic” but then also employee issues tend to be the same in any industry. Attitude, dress, tardiness,desire to learn, customer service, etc. The advantage is IF you follow the instructions these forms will be legal and you won’t need to have them approved by your attorney. If you find a specific brand you like please let us know here and thanks for participating. This site needs more members like you!


    PS And yes- these pre-packaged forms work out fine for your employee to fill out on you too!

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