Doing “something extra” after cleaning her carpets …

Quite a few of our Strategies for Success members are going the extra mile with this Value Added Service TIP but a reminder is always in order. For those of you thinking of doing this don’t forget you will need a step ladder in the van and ALWAYS test the detector after installing the new battery.

Upon completion of the carpet cleaning ask the customer how long it has been since they replaced the batteries in their smoke detector. If the answer is “I don’t know” or it has been more than six months offer to change them out at no charge as “just our way of saying thank you”. You can use working with the smoke detector to mention that you also offer fire restoration services and that you hope it never happens to them but if it does …

Again, PLEASE test the detector in the presence of the homeowner to make sure it is working before leaving the residence. I can’t think of a more serious NEGATIVE Moment of Truth if you installed it wrong and there was a fire in the home! (For you cheapskates out there instead of throwing the 9 volt battery away just stick it in your pocket. You can use it for quite awhile to run your moisture detectors!)


P.S. What other opportunities have you found to show sincere Value Added Service while in the customer’s home? Please share your ideas below in the comments.

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