New cotton “towels”! Carpet cleaners should never use (or say the word) “rags” on the job!

No homeowner wants to see a soot-stained towel being used to spot their carpets. After all, if you can’t get the towel any cleaner than that what will you be able to do with their carpets … ?

The Carpet Cleaning crew gets the new cotton towels first- then after they are used they go to the Fire Restoration techs.

Once the towels are dingy from carpet cleaning they can go into the general population for wet washing smoked up walls.

Ever notice how the more things change the more they remain the same? This a classic, time tested and proven technique. Now let’s give it a twist. Have the boxes of new towels (never call the towels “rags” to the home owner) delivered to the office of whoever makes pre-inspections in your company. When they go out to do pre-inspections they should always use a new, sparkling white, virgin towel. This will be a big Moment of Truth.  THEN it can go to the carpet cleaners, THEN it can go to fire restoration and THEN finally the poor thing can wind up with the mechanics!  Talk about “double-dipping”!


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