I CAN write about more than just “carpet cleaning”…

[private]food rules an eaters manualI do have a life outside of helping carpet cleaners.  Honest!  (Even though Sioux, my wife of 34 years, might differ!)

For example, Sioux and I have reluctantly started to focus on our health and especially what we ingest.  (The days of us languidly rafting down a river while consuming an entire can of Sour Cream Pringles along with several potent margaritas are long past- sigh!)

Yet we both get tired of just how complicated the act of eating is anymore.  What should be a simple pleasure is so complicated when you start focusing on fat content and the Glycemic Index and simple versus complex carbs, etc, etc, etc!  So just so Big Billy Yeadon doesn’t think he is the only one here who can promote books …

I recently happened across a book review in the New York Times where this one simple, grandmotherly “rule for health” just made so much sense:

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

The author is Michael Pollan and the quote is from his earlier book, “In Defense of Food”.  However, Mr. Pollan has now written “Food Rules”, a collection of 64 pithy, down to earth guidelines on how to eat simple and healthy.  Read the entire New York Times review HERE.

I’d be interested in follow up comments here on what you think of the book plus of course any “rules” that your grandmother passed on to you!


PS  By the way, the above dictum:  “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” is pretty much the way Sioux and I eat (well, we may fudge a bit on the “not too much” part!) while here in the Dominican Republic.  When I’m teaching a Strategies for Success seminar in the United States (here is the upcoming schedule) and eating out on Big Billy’s expense account … that is another story![/private]

2 thoughts on “I CAN write about more than just “carpet cleaning”…”

  1. OK, I’ll get the discussion going! Last year I heard some really good food advice during a TV interview with a nutritionist. She stated: “If you eat right 80% of the time then you can pretty eat much whatever you want the other 20% of the time and you will still stay healthy.”

    I think the problem is we get those two percentages backwards and eat badly MOST of the time and without ever really thinking about it!


  2. Well all I can say is I hope Sioux doesn’t read this blog because Steve’s cover will be blown. It is a good thing we only have 8 SFS classes. If he had to do the amount of travel I do he would weigh in at 300+. I have shared way too many meals with Steve (probably more than my wife Colleen) and that man eats like an impoverished third world country native. I doubt many of those people can have a 30 minute conversation on the finer points of a South African Merlot. By the way I try not to “share” a meal with Steve. Even though I come from a family of 15 children I cannot eat fast enough to get my share.

    Anyhow one of the better books of last year was called Eat This, Not That and there is a sequel out now. The author has a monthly column in Mens Journal magazine. It is very good because his examples comes from restaurants such as Fridays and Applebees.

    Next week we have SFS in St. Pete and the only thing that saves me is we will be eating with Uncle Nick and Angela and Steve will have to behave.

    Big Billy (getting skinnier every day)

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