Slow down- sell more!

FAST QuickTIP: Speak slowly (and clearly) during phone calls to increase client retention AND sales!

Are your phones ringing like crazy? If so, congratulations!👍 And yet, each and every caller should feel ‘treasured’ and important.

Your challenge? You are insanely busy and your phone is yep… ringing like crazy! So you can easily fall into being a ‘fast talker’ over-the-phone!😲 But remember…

58% of our communication is ‘non-verbal’!

slow down when speaking on the phone
Slow down

This means that over-the-phone your hands are tied! Your caller will be missing over half of what you are saying! This means that above all else you need to ‘selectively slow down’ on the phone!

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Here’s how (and when) to speak more slowly on the phone…

1. Pronounce your name clearly to a caller. We say our name so often it can come out like a quick-talking auctioneer’s babble! (Especially if your name is “Toburen”!)

2. Slow waaaaay down on outgoing calls to customers. At least in point #1 your prospect know what and why they are calling. But here you may be breaking into your client’s day at the worst possible time when they aren’t remotely thinking about you!

Doubt me? Think back to how often a caller breaks in with, “Excuse me, WHO did you say this is?” So

a) Call your customer by name,

b) Slowly and clearly introduce yourself, and…

c) Mention the reason for your call. Then ask your Courtesy Question!

3. Speak slowly, calmly and carefully to an angry customer. Remember, customers need to get “all steamed up” to even make this call! So they may initially overwhelm you with accusations, name-calling and four-letter words. But responding calmly can dramatically de-escalate the situation.

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I know I’ve stressed ‘slowing down’ in this QuickTIP. But remember, that’s only on the phone! Now I want you to SPEED UP and start building a Critical Mass Business NOW! (A day is a terrible thing to waste!)

See you soon in an online SFS LIVE seminar!


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