Achieving ‘Balanced Efficiency’ on a residential job

Graduates of our different SFS Training options know I’m a big proponent of ‘divide and conquer’ and especially in reducing the geographical area you cover. Simply put, a smaller area means less travel time and a better ‘wand on the carpet’ ratio! After all…

As I used to remind my carpet cleaning crews, “If the wand isn’t moving… we aren’t making money!” (Of course this same principle applied to my restoration technicians too.)

NOTE: Especially with residential work giving your client a ‘slam-bang’, rushing-the-job impression is a terrible Moment of Truth. (Maybe even more so to a traumatized insured facing the devastation of a restoration loss!)

And yet ‘time really is money’! So let’s focus on…

How to increase efficiency on the job while still delivering ‘Value Added Service’!

1. Consider moving to two person crews for most jobs. This way the crew chief can focus on building a relationship with the home owner while the assistant tech is setting up and breaking down the equipment.

NOTE: Another HUGE advantage of two people on a crew is one tech can continue working while the other tech visits the neighbors to ‘apologize for the noise’ and say, “To make it up to you here is a bottle of our Free Lifetime Spotter and my card.” (CLICK HERE for the complete SFS procedure.)

2. Reduce time-wasting trips back-and-forth to the van. CLICK HERE for a sample Residential Set-Up List. And check out this great everything-in-one-backpack idea HERE!

3. Use multi-purpose equipment. For example, a counter-rotating brush machine will do a great job on loose soil and pet hair and can then easily pre-agitate your traffic lane pre-spray. And using interchangeable 2 gallons jugs with a 3M™ Cordless Battery Multi‑Sprayer you can apply pre-sprays, deodorizers and/or carpet protector– all with one sprayer!

Of course, getting more efficient while giving the impression to Mrs. Jones you have all-the-time-in-the-world to chat with her and/or do a great job can be a very narrow line to walk! But back at the shop we can efficiently rock-and-roll! So let’s focus on this soon!


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