How to ‘stage manage’ your employee’s job routine

job routineSFS Training students all graduate with this essential “80% Principle” burned into their consciousness: “80% of of how your customer decides on job quality is based on how they FEEL about your employees involved in the transaction.”

YOUCH! This means the RELATIONSHIP your techs/ phone staff/ salespeople and YOU build with clients is MUCH more important than technical quality and/or production speed. And yet…

If you are serious about building a Critical Mass Business you must also focus on efficient, consistent production AND with many different employees involved! (CLICK HERE for “git ‘er done” job routine procedures to guide your staff even before they start working.)

So develop step-by-step checklists to guide your employee’s job routine.

Remember, these “production checklists” should include both positive Moments of Truth (it IS all about the relationship) AND efficient production.

NOTE: Customers love to see quality work performed happily and efficiently. (Just don’t let them think you are rushing through the job to get to your next one!)

Residential: Click HERE for a free in-the-home “relationship building job routine” for your technicians.

Restoration: Can your techs consistently deliver the comfort, reassurance and hope a traumatized insured so desperately craves? YES! (If they follow this step-by-step water damage checklist HERE!)

Commercial: Help your techs avoid huge negative Moments of Truth with these “Commercial Cleaning Guidelines”.

Now don’t you have some Value Added Service training to do???


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