Time to “Git ‘er done”!

increased efficiency proceduresOur Strategies for Success training programs are all about consistently creating Cheerleaders. These delighted clients become “unpaid sales people” for you- sending you a steady stream of “pre-sold” prospects. Sounds great… doesn’t it?

But WAIT! This increased business can actually hurt you UNLESS your company can profitably and efficiently crank out consistently good work. Notice I just said “your company”– not YOU!

After all, if YOU have to be on every job you will never achieve the Personal Freedom of owning a Critical Mass Business (A company that will smoothly AND profitably run with you OR without you!)

NOTE: That key word “profitably” means you very likely need to suck it up and “charge more”! (I tell every SFS class “There is no virtue in poverty”!) In fact, I suggest routinely raising your residential prices at least once every year!

NOTE: Are you still timidly putting off raising your prices because you’re scared of losing previous clients? Fear no more! CLICK HERE for my “Five Step System to Raise Your Prices Without Losing Clients”!

However, even a super expensive cleaning or restoration contractor must also deliver their work consistently and efficiently.

So please implement these“How to ‘Git ‘er done’ efficiency procedures” resources below.

1. How to stop “Desperation Re-ordering” with a Weekly Inventory & Re-order Sheet  Nothing is more “inefficient” than not having the supplies and chemicals your crews need on hand.

2. Increase your van chemical and supply re-stocking efficiency  Your tired techs will appreciate this procedure up so they can get home faster. OR even better consider creating a part time maintenance Tech position!

3. Ever calculate how many unnecessary trips you or your techs make back and forth to the truck? Save steps (and increase profits!)when you Carry all your small supplies and tools into the job in one trip

4. More efficient and consistent job set-ups mean more profits mean you’ll start actually cleaning faster. As I always told my crews, “If the wand isn’t moving we’re not making money!” 🙂

So what “git ‘er done” tips do you have? After all, “we’re all in together”!


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