A high class technique to create restoration Cheerleaders

In our Strategies for Success seminar we really push “putting on the Customer’s Eyeglasses”. Whether you are the owner, telephone receptionist or the  Technician out there  in the field, you must see yourself and your company from the customer’s perspective. There are endless opportunities to implement the guiding principle of looking at yourself with the eyes of the customer. Some of my favorite tools to show the customer that I am aware of her “unspoken concerns” are booties, wall buddies and a door guard for cold or hot weather. However, the following technique takes the cake for pushing “Customer Eyeglasses” to an impressive new level of sophistication.

During your final inspection of a fire restoration with the home owner put on a pair of white gloves. This shows you restored her possessions to a high level of detail and that you take pride in what you do.

When I put on my white gloves I would include a bit of self-deprecating humor with the customer as in, “This is just how sure I am that there is no smoke residue left in your home.  Sioux will kill me if I bring home another ruined pair of white gloves!”


P.S.  Some might say that white gloves are a little hokey, but please explain to me what is wrong with”hokey”? Especially at this point in an extended restoration job and IF you have backed up your performance with sincerity and great work? Comments anyone?

2 thoughts on “A high class technique to create restoration Cheerleaders”

  1. hi Steve,

    I’m sure there must be clients out there that would not like this kind of hokey. But I will be darned if I have ever found one. Of course I only have a few hundred clients of my own and I’ve only been in two or three thousand homes for other companies I’ve worked for. LOL. The truth is most clients absolutely love kind of thing in my experience. I think it’s a great idea! Keep them coming!

    Chris Sutton, Owner Carpet MD Inc.

  2. Thanks, Chris. I think the secret is to be sincere and smile as you do it. We sure appreciate your support.


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