Dry away your sweaty palms of nervousness

sweaty palms

This idea eliminates sweaty palms when meeting a client. Keep a tissue folded in your pocket that has been dusted with talcum powder. (Baby powder.) All you need to do is slip your hand in your pocket and the powder absorbs the perspiration.. (It’s like a batter at home plate with the resin bag.)

I love it! Isn’t Value Added Service just the neatest game to play? This idea is great, but what I really love is the precise use of Customer Eyeglasses. Looking at yourself through the eyes of the customer and then doing something to consistently improve that view. And of course, nothing looks (feels) worse than a wet palm. (This holds true no matter what the offending substance is, water, pre-spray, perspiration …) Definitely not a positive Moment of Truth.


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