We all need a little “feedback” …

generation-gap-in-service-workersThe majority of our carpet cleaning technicians are of the “Millennial Generation”.  (Born during the 1980’s.)  One thing Millenials want and expect is “feedback”. Does that mean they are “needy”? Do they need to “man up” or are they correct in expecting to hear how they are doing more than once a year?

NOTE:  One idea that ALL the different generations can agree on is the fact that all other generations are always dead wrong.  For example …

Boomers think Gen Y are slackers, Gen Y and Boomers think Millennials are lazy and wish that Boomers would just retire to Florida and get out of the way!  Millennials think Gen Y and Boomers are totally out of touch and should just step aside so they can fix the world.

Dan Pink, author of Drive, has written an article about the need for feedback. Millennials have been used to instantaneous feedback since birth and feel that the workplace shouldn’t be any different. Boomers who make up the majority of bosses believe that if you aren’t doing your job well they will let you know. Other than that just go out, do your work and shut up.

So where do your office staff and field cleaning technicians fit into the mix? Dan Pink gives his view on the role of feedback and it isn’t exclusive to one generation.

Here’s the link.  You really need to focus on this IF you want to be successful managing the current generation entering the work force:

Think Tank: Fix the workplace, not the workers

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