Staying up to date on the carpet manufacturing industry

I recently shared with you the dramatic market decline that wall-to-wall carpet has suffered. However, for most of us carpets will be our bread-and-butter for the foreseeable future.

With various types of carpet fibers in the market, it is important that you, the professional cleaner, know and understand a little bit about each one. This knowledge not only helps you in the cleaning process, but it also helps position you as a flooring expert whose opinion your customers trust.

Click here to review my latest update on current carpet manufacturing trends.

1 thought on “Staying up to date on the carpet manufacturing industry”

  1. Great information, Bill.

    There are still a ton of money making opportunities if we adapt and diversify our services to the market changes (away from carpet and to more solid surface). Tile and Grout cleaning and sealing is extremely profitable for us. More so then carpet cleaning, and less labor intensive then pushing the wand (John is getting older you know).

    While we haven’t gotten into the wood floor refinishing YET, we see it as our next diversification. We keep getting more and more requests about doing this or referring to people we know who do it (and we are grateful to have referral partners through our BNI network that can service our clients). That is usually an indicator to us that it’s time to add to our list of services.

    So, after we launch John Maples “My Carpet Warranty Program” this fall, hardwood floors is our next diversification on track for 2012.

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