Search out your Restoration Customer’s concerns

We teach at Strategies for Success that communication is the key to any successful relationship. This is even more true of your interaction with the typical disaster restoration customer. If you can “head off at the pass” any potential customer complaints from the home owner to the adjuster then many times you will create a Cheerleader Adjuster that will fight to get you into his or her losses. (And this individual may very likely throw you millions of dollars of work over the years to come!) Here is one great positive Moment of Truth to incorporate in your restoration Service Circle:

Upon completion of a fire damage restoration, hand deliver a really nice house plant to the home owner along with a Customer Comment Quality Assurance form and a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

house plant gift

Explain that if there is anything else that needs to be done you’ll arrange it immediately. If not, you’d appreciate their comments and suggestions on this form.

I love the personal touch in this Procedure. It is always good to have a face-to-face final “check-off” meeting on a major restoration loss. By hand delivering the plant you have an excuse to show up. Of course, your real reason for the visit is to tie up any dangling loose ends so that the Comment Form will be full of glowing praise which in turn you will proudly send (or even better hand deliver!) to the Adjuster.


P.S. How do you go the extra mile to show your restoration customer that you care in your company? Share your ideas below in the comments.

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