Give your commercial prospect the “open access” option

open accessWe’ve all received calls like this, “Hey, do you people clean carpets? Yeah? Well, this is Joe down at the Hungry Heifer Cafe. The lousy Health Inspector says he’s going to close me down if I don’t get these carpets cleaned! Can you give me a bid?”

GREAT! So you A) ​may do a “test cleaning”, B) ​give Joe a price, ​C​) clean the (filthy) carpets, ​D​) Joe (hopefully) pays you and ​E​)…. UHHH, there is no “​E​” because you have NOTHING set up with Joe to return again! So next time Joe won’t remember you and will call someone else!

Now let me get you really queasy! (And not from Joe’s cooking!) Reflect on…

How many commercial bids have you given over the last five years with ONLY a “one-time cleaning price” jotted down? Listen closely here:

Your prospects won’t sign up for a regular maintenance contract if they don’t know you offer the open access maintenance option!

Now raise your right hand and repeat after me: “I (state your name) solemnly promise from here going forward to ALWAYS include three (or more) area/frequency/price options on all commercial cleaning proposals.” Got it? But wait, you say…

“Steve, they just want their carpets cleaned and aren’t asking for maintenance options!” My reply? “Who cares? These over-worked folks don’t know what they want! So give them options!” And to nudge them toward your regular “Open Access” maintenance plans…

Sweeten the pot by offering dramatic discounts on any regular commercial “Open Access” maintenance plan! For example, for the Hungry Heifer cafe you’ll recommend to Joe:

“Joe, we can come in when you call us on an “as-needed” basis. But of course your carpets will be really bad and probably (smiling) some of your customers a bit turned off! We call this a ‘resurrection cleaning’ and it will run $453.00 per cleaning. BUT if we put you on a regular “open access” monthly cleaning plan you’ll get 40% off so each cleaning will only be $271.80! Joe, that means you’ll be saving $181.20 per visit. (Wait to see Joe’s reaction.) OR if you think we can stretch the cleaning frequency a bit I can offer you an every-other-month option for 339.75 so you’ll still be saving 113.25 over the “as-needed” cleaning. And either way you’ll keep the Health Inspector off your butt!”

You’ll be amazed how many people will reply, “Ummm, let’s try the every-other-month option and see how they look.” BINGO! (And you didn’t have to go out and make your dreaded “Cold Calls”!

People, please try this “Multiple Options” approach on your next “just gimme a bid” request. You have nothing to lose! But wait, you ask: “Steve, wassup with this ‘Open Access’ stuff?” Great question and let’s talk about this soon!


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