Get out your video camera

While working in the customer’s home we want to always give them the “Illusion of Control”.  Especially with regards to what is most important to them.  The following quickTIPS uses modern technology to take a big step toward meeting this need in a very effective way.

On restoration jobs, especially pack-outs, let the home owner know that for their protection you are going to record on video camera all the home’s contents before you move anything . This will give them a permanent record of what they have and its condition before the contents leave their home.  (And it will help protect you too.)

Many of our members do this already. One suggestion to improve on this procedure would be to ask the homeowner to actually give you the tour, with them pointing out any pre-existing blemishes or concerns as you come to them. This puts the monkey on their back and even more importantly gives the customer the all-important “Illusion of Control”. This would require two people from your company- one to actually run the camera and another to “interview” and guide the Insured, as well as to keep their eyes open for other pre-existing items to tactfully document.


PS How do you document the before and after of your cleaning jobs? Please share your procedures below in the comments.

PPS One gentle request. Remember that this free QuickTIPS service depends on all our members sharing their Techniques, Ideas, Procedures and Systems. (Cute acronym, huh?) So please, go to our online form to submit your quickTIPS

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