Mark troublesome pet odor spots before cleaning the carpet

Hey, here is an immediate, professional Moment of Truth that anyone can do! (My very favorite type of MOT.) Taking immediate action whenever the customer points out an area of concern should be a reflex reaction for you and your techs. Here is one way to do it …

Use a “tag gun” with 3” barbed tags to mark the location of urine contaminated spots for odor control. Follow the steps in Jon-Don’s Pet Odor Removal DVD, but especially if you are pre-inspecting (as you should be) the job. “Shoot” a tag into the carpet to mark each spot as you find it. If the spot is large draw a map with measurements on the tag. When completed just snip off the plastic barb at the base down by the carpet backing. (Be careful not to cut carpet tufts at the same time.)

Wonderful! Nothing makes a homeowner happier than to see the Technician take their concerns seriously. And this Procedure really does help production too. Just be sure to ask permission (and explain what you’re going to do) before you go around “shooting” tags into the customer’s carpet. No one is going to tell you no, but remember with Value Added Service we ask permission for everything.


P.S. How do you make acknowledgment of the customer’s concerns? Please share your techniques below in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Mark troublesome pet odor spots before cleaning the carpet”

  1. Take before and after pictures of the area/spot with a digital camera. Show the customer the photos before you leave, then send an email with them as follow up in the next week or so. If you’re realy tech savy and have a small portable printer in your truck/van, you can print out the pics and attach them to the invoice. This is also helpful for when you can’t get the stains compeletely out and need documentation so you don’t get a call back that they were unsatisfied. When it’s time for the next cleaning (6, 12, 18 months from when you took the pics) use the pictures as part of the reminder you mail them or email them. Add something to the pictures like “Remember when?” or “Spots agian?”.

  2. I love it, Meg. You’ll remember from your SFS seminar the need to display an “attitude of care and concern” with the customer. Your idea just takes this to a new “digital plane”. Plus what a great way to get their attention for the next cleaning!


    PS Just one reminder for everyone. Tread lightly with the sensibilities of the customer BEFORE you start shooting photos in their home. Be sure to explain WHY you want to take the pictures AND also ask permission before doing so. (Actually this 2-step process applies to pretty well anything different you do in the customer’s home!)

  3. We don’t do a lot of carpet but we always get before and after pix of stone jobs and tile and grout cleaning. Pix are great for the web site….one always needs to update the web site and the best reason is legal issue. Have never had it happen where I had to take a customer to court but……pix are worth a thousand words! WE always do a free demo and never charge more than the estimate but we have had one complaint with the BBB and when I told them we did the free demo and sent them the before and photos the guy at the BBB completely removed the case!

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