A carpet cleaning “Job Essentials Bag” cuts extra trips to the van!

If you’ve been to a Strategies for Success seminar or even checked out our web site you know that SFS is all about the “Emotional Dynamics” of the job.  However, all these good feelings only go so far and eventually you have to get some work done!  Plus the more efficient you are the more time you can spend making a Cheerleader out of the home owner instead of making innumerable trips back and forth to the truck!

Use a small expandable duffel bag with side and top pockets to carry all our small items into the job.  Then put in snap blocks to firm up the sides and bottom.  The bag’s contents include 10 or 12 sets of sliders or skidders, plastic tabs, booties, towels, etc.  The carrying handles on the bag join together at the top and help secure the Lift Buddy.  Total weight of everything is less than 15 pounds.  This idea keeps everything in one place and stops so many trips back and forth to the truck.

Each trip out to the truck burns time and energy. Plus the temptation (especially for employees) is to “blow it off” if the item is not right there in the house with them.  So once again, the tried and true SFS principle of “making it easier to do it right than to do it wrong” raises its head with this great idea. So what production improvement ideas have you come up with in your company?


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  1. For repairs and stretching, I carry all that gear in a medium size tool box along with my knee pads. I have found it stays in one place and doesn’t get lost in the truck or left behind in the customers house. It is really convenient when I know every thing is right there to get my job done and move on to the clean.

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