What others say about Strategies for Success

“I’ve been a fan of Steve Toburen’s business-building philosophy since the first time I talked to him on the phone about it several years ago. When I heard that Steve and Jon-Don had teamed up to produce “Strategies for Success,” I knew it would be something special. And I wasn’t disappointed. Already, three key people from my carpet cleaning company — myself included — have attended. In addition, in March all of our techs attended the Value Added Service for Technicians seminar. All first rate and well worth the investment. Kudos!”

John Downey, Founder and editor of Cleanfax magazine
Owner of John Downey Carpet Cleaning
Columbus, OH

“This information is vital in building a successful service company.”

Howard Partridge, Phenomenal Products, Inc.
Houston, TX

“This is an exceptional course that not only has the ability to change businesses, it can change lives. Unlike other seminars, this gives detailed, specific procedures that can be applied to your business tomorrow.”

Phillip Rosebrook,
Business Mentors

“Our company has spent thousands of dollars in meetings and traveling to different seminars all over the country. Never have I learned more applicable turn-key information or been treated like such a king. Thank you to all the staff at Jon-Don, Chuck, and Steve. You have certainly exceeded my expectations.

Brad Wike, Peerless Cleaners
Decatur, IL

“Even though our company is approaching multi-million dollar revenues, I feel I learned more in 5 days about what is truly important than in the past 22 years.”

Joseph Natoli Jr.,
American Carpet & Restoration Services

“Anybody who owns a business is doing a disservice to their customers by not attending this seminar. Strategies for Success is an absolute must for anyone considering the sale of their business within the next 5-10 years.”

Jim Stuckemeyer, Pro Kleen Services, Inc.
Wonder Lake, IL

“Everything was great! The class really opens up your eyes to implement better techniques to build a better business and become a more educated company leader.”

Angie Estrada, A & T Carpet Cleaning
Garland, TX

“Steve Toburen is without a shadow of a doubt the best speaker and genuinely most sincere and compassionate person I have ever met. His ability to effectively communicate is right through the roof. Steve’s passion is to help his students achieve their highest level of success.”

Doug Moerschbacher, Clean Sweep
Pleasant Gap, PA

“Nick Paolella is a leader with a style I can only aspire to achieve some day. The SFS team is the best!”

J.B. Cline, CSI Carpet Cleaning
Snyder, TX

“If you own or manage a carpet cleaning or restoration company you should attend SFS. I feel I learned many things that will help me better manage my business. It was all good except for that old Italian janitor with the bald head!”

Marc Carpentier, Hexatrac Boston, Inc.
Woburn, MA

“SFS is life-sustaining, turn-key entrepreneurship! We were spoiled by the food and the good service delivered by Nick.”

Blaise Yakam, Mr. Clean Janitorial Service
Missouri City, TX

“If I can implement 10% of Chuck Violand’s information it will be fantastic. I think you could spend two entire days on the subject of financials.”

Hans Hurst, Carpet Recovery Service
Stillwater, OK

“What can you say about Bill? You can not put a price on what Bill teaches!”

J.B. Cline, CSI Carpet Cleaning
Snyder, TX

“SFS is a class that will remind you about huge areas of your business that you have taken for granted because you are so busy. Yet this information is so important to the growth and survival of your company. I would encourage everyone who is skeptical to invest your time and money in this course. You will not regret it- I promise!”

David R. Ondieki, Lloyds Carpet Service
Arlington, TX

“SFS was absolutely excellent! The seminar is overwhelming but in a good way. From the time my wife and I arrived right through to the end of the program we were treated like family. Everyone on the Jon-Don staff appreciated and welcomed me as a real person, not just a possible ‘sales opportunity’. (Which is the same way I treat my customers!)

I have been to many seminars and none are as practical or detailed as SFS. I’ve always quickly lost interest in other seminars due to my ADHD. But at SFS the caliber of instruction and the variety of ways the information was delivered made it easy for me to follow along. Our thanks to all of you for your hard work. We will be back in the future.”

Tony Guttieri, Certified Cleaning
Vernon, TX

“I have a renewed sense of purpose and direction in my company along with new faith in finding employees who can carry us into a new phase.”

Carrie Mitchell, Sooner Carpet
Norman, OK

“Having been in this business for 22 years I’ve attended dozens of industry events. I’ve always heard about SFS but for whatever reasons I never attended. Finally, when Jon-Don opened this Texas store I came- with very high expectations. Usually, when someone is raving about how good something is your expectations are far too high and it will be impossible to live up to the ‘hype’. Not so here. SFS actually exceeded my expectations in every area. Whatever the size, expertise or goals of your company, I would strongly recommend Strategies for Success.”

Tim Petzold, Aegis Fine Rug and Carpet
Austin, TX

“It was a joy to participate in your training with such devoted presenters.”

Michelle Carr, Alpine Carpet Care
Prince George, BC

“I was so pumped prior to coming. My excitement in implementing these awesome systems makes me want to explode. I’m going to have to go slow and easy or everyone will think I have gone over the edge! It was a great honor and pleasure to meet each and every one of you. Thank you for a great education, a great time and many, many positive Moments of Truth! I had a blast!”

Kevin Jones, MSI Cleaning and Restoration
Greenville, NC

“We have owned our business for ten years now. For the past two years we have doubled our sales. Now Strategies concepts will help us do it again by having systems in place. This class was well worth it just on the first day.”

Billie Brush, First Choice Cleaning and Restoration
Chesapeake, VA

“Nick, Steve, Angela, Chris, Tina, Chuck and Bill all work above and beyond the call of duty to share incredible programs, ideas and procedures to make our companies successful. How could any business owner not learn enough to pay for this class ten times over? Thank you!

Karen Pettyjohn, Pettyjohn’s Cleaning
Wake Forest, NC

“Excellent! I learned more about this industry and how to succeed in it over the last five days than I have in the last five years.”

Randy Johnson, Aquatech/Rainbow International
East Lansing, MI

“Everything was great, especially the warm and loving energy from everyone at Jon-Don. I thank all of your for a wonderful week. I admire the work Jon-Don is doing by helping us all do better with our businesses. Keep up the great work!”

Catalina Palacio, PSI Floor and Fiber Care
Coconut Creek, FL

“Over the years with True Value Hardware I went to 25 national shows and around 75 seminars. I received more useful information this week at SFS than in all my True Value seminars combined. Although True Value stressed customer service they never gave us resources or training that was even close to this class.”

Beryl Roes, Adirondack Floor Care
Castorland, NY

“I have been to many seminars that have over-promised and under-delivered. This SFS program UNDER-promised and OVER-delivered! I believe this class was better than a $100,000.00 turn-key franchise. I’m just sorry I didn’t attend sooner!”

Vincent Crocilla, Jr., Pure Aire
Newfield, NJ

“Chuck Violand was excellent. He showed us just how important the financials are when you want to run a business and not just own a job.”

Dan Pauselius, Never Cleaner
Maybrook, NY

“My single best, most useful moment was when on Tuesday when Bill Yeadon started sharing his marketing insights.”

Harrison Smith, H & S Cleaning
Severn, MD

“I was overwhelmed at how great this seminar was.”

Steve Wilson, Premier Cleaning Systems
Tampa, FL

“The seminar was very clear and easy to understand. But it was a lot of information. It really is great that you have a follow up class for technicians and others. Not all of us can teach as well.”

Linda Sampson, TLC Carpet & Upholstery
Fort Pierce, FL

“This seminar was the BEST! (However, this is an understatement.) The Value Added portion of the program was priceless. Everyone must see and hear this seminar for themselves.”

Rick Anderson, Dry Solutions
New Port Richey, FL

“I thoroughly enjoyed Bill Yeadon and his program. He is very likeable. The first time I attended SFS I was overwhelmed. This time I grasped it much better. Plus the entire Jon-Don team, from top to bottom, treated us like a king. And the lunches were fantastic!”

Bob Thornton, Friendly Carpet Care
St. Petersburg, FL

“Everyone made the experience wonderful. The Moments of Truth were out the roof!”

Darcy Stanford, Stanford Cleaning and Rest.
St. Augustine, FL

“This was an amazing course. I will make more money from just attending these five days than every other single course I have ever taken. And over the last 21 years I have taken a LOT of sources.

Jerry Kessie, Floor Covering Technology
Clearwater, FL

“I’ve never been to a bad seminar before. Nor have I been to a great seminar … until now!”

Rob Olenburg, Castino Painting
Northbrook, IL

“Brilliant. I wish I had this quality information twenty years ago.”

Shorty Glanville, Get Shorty Carpet
Edge Hill, Australia

Strategies for Success is like squeezing years of business school into one super informative week. Except that SFS is much more practical and focused specifically on our industry. Jon-Don is an amazing company and is a great role model for your own business. Your goal should be to have the same sense of family and fun in your own company. Thank you so much!”

Caitee Keesling, Lamunyon Cleaning
Hutchison, KS

“Everyone at Jon-Don really does make you feel like family and they all made me feel very comfortable, including the owners. This is something you don’t encounter very often!”

Sheila Smith, Surface Solutions
Canton, MI

“All your speakers were excellent. Nick’s food and humor were great. Nice facility and staff. I really learned more in one week than I have learned in all the other courses I have taken over the years. SFS is a great value.

Terry Hughes, CR Services
Batesville, AR

“I was worriend I would not get my ‘money’s worth’. By Day Three of the seminar I felt like I was stealing from Jon-Don. I came as a struggling small business owner. I left SFS a wealthy man! The seminar and materials are worth at least $1,500.00. Thank you.”

Jeff Hamlin, Integrity Carpet Care
Homewood, IL

“The solid, logical information is not measurable. It will be a challenge to set priorities on what I want to implement but my business will definitely become a growing and living organism. (And I don’t mean a slug!”

Jan Beasley, Run Spot Run Carpet Cleaning
Gainesville, GA

“I am a junior in college and Chuck taught us in one day what has taken me six months to learn. He gave us real world applications- delivered in an interesting and informational way.”

Claire Morris, All Pro
Martinez, GA

“This information has been overwhelming. Very good speakers. Every objection was met in a common sense way. I was thoroughly surprised by Z offering to pick me up at the airport and by dropping me off … at 5:00 AM Saturday morning. Now THAT is Value Added Service! Thank you so much, Z.”

Rob Fairbrother, Interior Carpet Cleaning
Creston, BC

“The seminar is much more than you promised. I’m just starting out. There are many courses out there but SFS is the best!”

Johan Hugo, Cleancor
Toronto, Canada

“After twenty-plus years in this business I knew I had to ‘do something different’ or else go do something else in another industry. I know several fellow cleaners who are SFS graduates. I’ve noticed that after attending SFS they become scarce from our internet bulletin board ‘hangouts’ because they are busy implementing what they have learned. I hope others will say the same about me! This is in no way a ‘once and done’ seminar. I have a feeling I will be back several times to get the things I have no doubt missed.”

Danny Strickland, Nitty Gritty
Tallahassee, FL

“The SFS seminar has given me new hope for my business. It is like a new birth.”

Richard Thurman, Mr. Rescue Carpet Cleaning
Dallas, TX

“I wish I had taken this class ten years ago. Worth every penny and every minute invested.”

Mike Brummet, Basic Carpet Cleaning
Lawrence, KS

“This was the best training environment I have ever been in. You treated us better than we deserved.”

Tom Dartt, A Cleaner Carpet
Denton, TX

“We got a lot of great, simple, easy to implement ideas- hiring a warehouse guy to take some tasks off our techs, dog biscuits for techs to hand out, the “try it for a week” concept! Love the Operations Manual!”

Erika Herman, Cornerstone Chem-Dry
Dallas, TX

“I started my business four days before 9/11. I barely survived this far. With just what I learned in one day (Monday) I will be much more efficient and MUCH more profitable.”

John Cowles, American Pride Carpet Cleaners
Madison, AL

“Bill Yeadon was wonderful and very well spoken. Great speaker. The single best moment has been seeing the standard of ‘Value Added Service’ implemented by the Jon-Don staff. EXCEPTIONAL!”

Melinda Jones, MSI Cleaning and Restoration
Greenville, NC

“Fantastic information- I have been fired up! Value Added Service is what our company will be based on in the future. I want to thank everyone at Jon-Don for the love and support they give their clients. It is nice being treated like family.”

Ellen Davis, Rug-Beaters
Woodward, OK

“The Strategies for Success seminar was a value beyond compare. Jon-Don has made an enormous investment in this program, their customers and our industry. Chuck, Bill and Steve were absolutely the right team for the job. Nick and the Jon-Don support staff have set a level of customer service that I have never seen in this industry. They have my business.”

Glen Meichtry, Carpet Surgeon, Inc.
Beaverton, OR

“As a ten year alumni I wish I had not waited so long to take the class again. I see it now as a “have-to-do” at least every three years to help us stay on track for the goals Helen and I want to have our business expand to.”

John Watson, Claude’s Clean Care
Pedro Woolley, WA

“If you want to build your self-esteem and improve your business and have fun all at the same time- then you need this seminar. I want others in the business to enjoy what I have over the last five days.”

Jim Bradshaw, Red Carpet Maintenance
White Salmon, WA

“There is no other ‘industry specific’ seminar like SFS that I am aware of. There is no doubt that I can grow my business to whatever size I choose to with this type of guidance. I really appreciate the opportunity to elevate everything to a more respectable, professional and rewarding level!”

Steve Whitman, Continental Carpet Cleaning
Klamath Falls, OR

“The Value Added Service philosophy is priceless- and that is an understatement.”

Daniel Woods, Spotmaster
Washougal, WA

“This class will transform our business. I can’t wait to get back to work and implement the systems and procedures that we were taught. I wish I had taken this class 10 years ago.”

Adam Boertje, Carpet Masters
Flower Mound, TX

“I guarantee that you will learn at least one thing that will pay for this course immediately or I will personally pay for your cost to attend!”

K.C. O’Hanlon, Austin Specialty Cleaners
Austin, TX

“Being in business for your self without Strategies for Success would be an exercise in insanity!”

Mike Lamunyon, Lamunyon Cleaning
Hutchinson, Kansas

“We were prepared for an outstanding class, but this SFS class literally blew our socks off! With this information we can take our business from the “road in between” to the high road of success. Thank you Nick, Chuck, Bill, Steve and most of all- Angela! Great job!”

Scott and Lynn Vaughn, Scott’s Cleaning
Mariposa, CA

“We will revolutionize our business by implementing and institutionalizing the principles taught in Strategies for Success. Priceless.”

Diane Hopewell, Simply Clean
Allen, TX

“At the end of the week when all was said and done I felt like I had been given far more than I was asked for. SFS preaches and teaches Value Added Service … and Jon-Don practices it. I not only learned what I need to do- I have the tools to do it. Jon-Don and SFS teach the ‘why’ and the ‘how’! SFS is an incredible value.”

Dan Joner, Country Road Carpet Clean
Battle Ground, WA

“Chuck was easy to listen to, funny, with great examples and was a good listener. Chuck was engaging, even in the area of finance where I generally zone out on! He made the concepts tangible for even a financial layman.

Dawn Karels, Crown Flooring, Inc.
Madison, WI

“Bill Yeadon is my industry hero. What a guy. He delivers with a passion and a true love for the industry. Upbeat, energetic and enthusiastic don’t do bill enough justice. Bill is the MAN!”

Doug Dickenson, Healthy Home Professionals
Brandon, FL

“I believed there was no need for me to go to SFS. After my first day I realized I was completely wrong. Due to SFS I have learned how to run my business, nut just to survive, but to excel and to succeed! I appreciate the opportunity to have such a great company (Jon-Don) in my life. Thank you John, Nick, and the entire team at Jon-Don!”

JoAnna Ferguson, Ferguson Services
St. Peters, MO

“We are new to the business and this class has saved us from making a lot of mistakes. One of the best investments we have made.”

Mark and Carol Harbison, America’s Elite Carpet Care
Lafayette, IN

“The ideas are fresh, creative and most of all profitable. These guys roll out the red carpet!”

Da Shawn Coleman, Performance Restoration
Southfield, MI

“Excellent, very informative and certain to make an impact in our company. No other program compares to SFS at any cost. Strategies for Success gives you the tools to go out and make an immediate impact in your business.”

Richard Chavez, Chavez Cleaning Services
Topeka, KS

“The wealth of information presented at SFS is truly ‘priceless’. The instructors were fantastic. The way the classes are arranged makes perfect sense and the facility was great. The support staff was second to none and oh yeah- the food was great! Thanks for the tremendous experience. I’m really excited about implementing the systems/ procedures/ marketing ideas/ bookkeeping basics. My only regret is that I didn’t take the class sooner!”

Joseph Corcoran, Kleening Made Affordable
Wilmington, DE

“And I must tell you…you will do one of two things…You will laugh/shrug off this post…or you will sign up for SFS. If you shrug it off like I did a year and a half ago…you will be writing the same post a couple of years from now because you will feel that stupid.
Anyway…my words of advise to any of you this morning. If you can’t afford to go to SFS….I promise you, you can’t afford NOT to go…FIND A WAY. If you already have a free or half priced ticket…TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT! If you want to shrug it off today…I will guarantee you that you will want to write the same post after you get back.
I wish you the best of success and get to SFS!”

Kris Sokalski, Carpet 1st, LLC
Catonsville, MD

“This was my second SFS. It reminded me of many things I had forgotten and has inspired me to implement many more of the strategies in the future.”

Carmen Gottfried, the Carpet Revival Centre, Ltd.
Brockville, ON Canada

“Jon-Don is THE class act in the industry. They set the standard! SFS to me was like a diving board that has launched me light years ahead of my competition.”

Robert Allen, Allen’s Dry and Clean
Virginia Beach, VA

“I wish I had started a business with the principles found in this class. SFS is better than any college class! Between finance, marketing and learning how to make the Cheerleader I can’t imagine five days with more impact. Thanks Chuck, Bill and Steve plus the entire Jon-Don staff starting at the top with Nick and all the way down. We experienced the art of Making a Cheerleader first hand this week performed by the Jon-Don staff! Thanks so much!”

Tim Fain, You’ve Got It Maid
Edmond, OK

“I’ve been in the carpet cleaning business for 25 years. My only regret is that I did not come to SFS 25 years ago! I can finally see the light on how to transform my ‘job’ into a ‘real business’. Thank you.”

Mike Turner, Turner Carpet Cleaning
Shawnee, KS

“Why didn’t I come to this seminar sooner? I enjoyed very much meeting Nick, Angela and all the Jon-Don people.”

Jerry Berg, Interior Technicians, Inc.
Sioux Falls, SD

“Chuck was exceptional. He was more informative and kept you interested. The first day was great and made me want to learn more. Jon-Don employees were great, funny and fed us well!”

Tammy Dufoe, Integrity Cleaning Service
Newton, IA

This class is absolutely a must attend for any cleaner who is serious about growing their business. It has been amazing. The speakers and everyone at Jon-Don have gone out of their way to make this week wonderful. I recommend SFS highly!”

Connie Klopfenstein, Spot Out Carpet Cleaning
Highland, CA

“This was my third time attending SFS and it will not be my last! I believe so strongly in the program that I can not afford to not attend!”

David Meintz, Clean Bee
McHenry, IL

“Chuck is fantastic! Day One was awesome. I will be attending again with my wife so I can get her on the same page as I am. I can’t thank Z and Barry Costa enough for insisting I attend!”

Vaughn Rogers, Kleen Rite Cleaning and Rest.
Holden, ME

“I thought Bill Yeadon was fun and exciting. Even though I have been in business for 18 years Bill taught me things that I am excited to start immediately.”

Desiree Coloiacomo, Armstrongs
Palm Bay, FL

“I’ve been going to industry seminars since 1992 and this facility and all the logistics were in perfect tune- A+! I was blown away with the staff, the instructors, the food, the camaraderie, the generosity (especially the Wednesday Social Night) and most of all by Nick himself!

Phil Coloiacomo, Armstrong’s
Palm Bay. FL

“Jon-Don and the people in it are a wonderful organization. SFS is a great program for our industry. Of course, I’m not sure if I want ‘everyone’ to know about it!”

James Hoel, DCR Restoration
Murdock, FL

“I wish I had attended this program years ago. We were already doing a lot of these things by accident. But now we have a name for them and a way to reproduce them.”

Jonathan Dreyer, Dreyer’s Carpet Care
Gainesville, FL

“Fabulous! I have never been to a seminar that was so well done! All of the logistical elements were top of the line but it was the people who made the difference.”

Jeff Shirden, Shirden’s Carpet Cleaning
Hebron, KY

“Over my 25 years in business I have attended classes and seminars within the cleaning industry. While I have learned a lot from all of these presentations I feel strongly that our five days spent at SFS offered ‘foundational’ information and ‘how-to guidance’ for anyone in business. The beauty of the program was the experience and knowledge of the presenters.”

Marleen Geyen, Geyen Group, Inc.
Wayzata, MN

“I do not have the words to express the SFS experience. Only those who attend Strategies for Success will know the value of what Jon-Don shares- the tools to build a business you will be proud to own. I now have the keys for success. Thank you, Jon-Don.”

Fernando Gomez, El Shaddai
Miami, FL

“On Day One Chuck gave us a word picture of three types of boats- a sailboat, a yacht and a flagship. These boats represent stages of our business growth. They set a marker for our personal vision of our company’s success. Strategies for Success provides the tools to fan the flame of desire into a driven, focused business to fulfill your vision.”

Elissa Holder, Regency Carpet & Floor Care
Fayetteville, GA

Strategies for Success is the targeted, industry specific business building training program that I have spent twenty years looking for and believing didn’t exist. For those carpet cleaners who want to develop into educated business owners I’d recommend SFS.”

Martin Sutley, Admiral Clean
Prattville, AL

“The amount of information is more than a full college course and will change your life IF you put it to work. I had a great time. The people that work for Jon-Don are the best in the world.”

Rex McClure, Super Kleen Carpets
Powell, TN

“I wish when I started out thirteen years ago that I had this information. I would be so much further down the road. I am absolutely amazed at the amount of information that we received. This seminar is the single most important thing a business owner can do for his/her business. An unforgettable class!”

Stephen Merritt, Merritt Profession Carpet Clng.
Hardwick, GA

“I did not know what to expect from this class. My husband wanted me to attend with him. I am very glad that I did. The seminar touched on all aspects of running our business. Jon-Don took excellent care of everyone. Thank you for everything, Jon-Don!”

Natalie Merritt, Merritt Profession Carpet Clng.
Hardwick, GA

“We have implemented so much over the past few years as my boss, Kyle, has been to SFS and works closely every week with Chuck Violand. I have learned a ton of great information and received lots of great tools to take back to the company to work with, review and use. I’m pretty excited!”

Dawn Robinson, Team K Services
Castle Rock, CO

“I have learned more in the last five days at SFS than in the last 17 years cleaning carpets. SFS has been motivational, inspirational and much more than I expected. I can’t wait to put these 5 days into practice!”

Ken Allaire, Sam Spade’s Carpet Cleaning
Baton Rouge, LA

“This program has just saved me 15-30 years of searching and trying to find my own way. Thanks for everything. Outstanding!”

Baxter Robinson, Clear Choice Cleaning
Kingston, GA

“The caliber of Chuck’s material and his presentation were above my expectations. What could have been a dry subject was very interesting and understandable. In looking back over the material I can’t believe how much was covered.”

Barbara MacGregor, Kings Kleening
Renton, WA

“Harold and I were impressed with Chuck’s knowledge. He gave us our vision back as after Day One I felt hopeful and excited to grow our business. We were truly blessed to be there. Thank you.”

Kristen Sweeney, Magic Carpet Cleaning
Silverton, OR

“This is the third time I have been to one of Bill Yeadon’s presentations. He is always extremely knowledgeable and adds just enough humor to keep the audience’s attention. (And he is an all around nice guy!) What I appreciated the most was Bill sticking around after class and at the Pyramid Ale House and be willing to talk to you about anything.”

Tom Wald, Central Cleaning and Restoration
Great Falls, MT

“Attending Strategies for Success was an amazing experience. It was extremely industry specific and was facilitated by some very experienced and enjoyable instructors. I will use many, many tools from this course and they will do nothing but allow our company to grow. Thank you, Jon-Don.”

Spring Stuart-Waller, CJB Restoration Services
Abbotsford, British Columbia

“My husband and I heard nothing but good things about SFS before coming so we expected to attend a great class. Even so you still managed to far exceed our expectations. The instructors truly were the cream of the crop. SFS was absolutely the best business seminar we have ever attended. We are very appreciative of the SFS Operations manual we received. Actually, ‘appreciative’ does not do justice to describe how we feel. This manual will help our business sooooooo very much! We were overwhelmed by the freebies we received. It was great to see that Jon-Don ‘practices what it preaches’ with its excellent customer service. You are an A+++ company. My only question is, ‘When are coming to Montana?’

Andrea Wiggins, Wiggins Carpet Cleaning
Dillon, MT

“I truly believe I have been given the blueprint to a successful business. Now it is up to me to take this information and put it to use. I thank everyone at Jon-Don for the SFS seminar and the continued support I know I will receive. My debt to Jon-Don will be re-paid by my continued support of your business through the growth of my business!

Mark Maynard, Green Light Carpet Cleaning
Aberdeen, WA

“Jon-Don’s staff does a superb job hosting this seminar. The Moments of Truth were too many too list. Jon-Don is too generous. It will be remembered when it counts! $$$!

Tim Hanson, Mission Carpet Care
Roseville, CA

“Just on Day One I received way, way, way more than I thought I would get. Now I have a good grasp on how to properly track my exact #’s and price accordingly. Chuck Violand is awesome. Then Day Two brought many easy to implement ideas in a well presented format that will be sure to make you money. Chuck and Bill are great speakers with an amazing attention to detail. This class is the best I have been to in 13 years in the cleaning industry. Your team at Jon-Don is awesome. Keep up the good work.”

Michael Schmitt, Kleenrite Carpet Care, Inc.
Coram, NY

“The single best moments were Nick’s jokes!”

Jack Solloway, Soil Away Cleaning Services
Hooksett, NH

“If you look up ‘First Class’ in the dictionary there should be a picture of Nick, Steve, Bill, Chuck, Angela and the ENTIRE Jon-Don staff.”

Del Scrivner, Cowboy’s Carpet Care
Tucson, AZ

“Everything was perfect. The building, the parking and also the staff- Glenn, Tom, Ernie, Pete, Nick, Steve, Bill, Chuck, Angela and Parthavi.”

Dave Beto, Apex Janitorial Service
Spring City, PA

“I felt like my little company was worth millions after I left and I don’t even have one employee yet!”

Raymond Picerno, A-1 Assured Building Maint.
Pitman, NJ

“Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! We have been treading water for about six months. I now feel we are going to be very successful by using the tools you so graciously gave us. We are very grateful to Jon-Don!”

Susan Waters, JENS, Inc.
Amissville, VA

“This was amazing! I am full of information that needs to be implemented AND I am leaving with a plan to implement all of it! My thanks to the Jon-Don family.”

Dimitri Whitehead, Green Magic Carpet Clng.
Lawrenceville, GA

“I have never felt like anyone (other than Mom and Dad) wanted me to succeed like Jon-Don does. Mom and Dad told me to go to school. (I didn’t listen.) SFS gave me an easy to implement, structured and proven plan to follow. (I’m listening now!) I feel like family.”

Del Scrivner, Cowboy’s Carpet Care
Tucson, AZ

“Bill was excellent. But my best, most useful moment was his personal attention to me during lunch. Wow!”

Ron Trella, Kleen Team
Midlothian, IL

“I have never been to a course where the owner of the business was so involved. I so much enjoyed being a part of the SFS class and getting to be catered to by Nick. He is a wonderful man and business leader. I hope I have half the attitude he displays. Thank you and your staff.

Shawn Garber, Nubrite Floor Cleaning
Rockwall, TX

“Angela is a great front person for this program and Nick … what a special treat to interact with the owner. Jon-Don is a big business with a small business mentality. You guys rule!! By the way, Andy Robinson is totally awesome. He is not only really knowledgeable, but he is now a friend that is always willing to help in more ways than I can describe. Andy is a GREAT asset to Jon-Don!”

Josh Tubero, Disaster Kleenup
Northbrook, IL

“My husband, Martin, is a past attendee of SFS. We have been planning to attend together for some time. Over the last couple years I have read through his SFS books but being her for five days has brought it all to light. I loved it!

All spouses and business partners should attend SFS together. You will have common goals and a clear understanding of how to move forward and make your business a success!”

Kelly Bressel, Sonora Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
Sonora, CA

“I am a skeptic by nature. When I read your testimonials I always imagined them to be fake, made-up or simply exaggerated. In so doing, I only held myself back. If you think you cannot afford to attend this class think again. You simply cannot afford not to attend SFS. Your job/business and your way of doing things will be forever positively altered!”

Ron Trella, Kleen Team
Midlothian, IL

“First thing I am going to do when I get home is to ‘fire’ my old self and re-hire my SFS self! I plan on completely tearing down my old systems (not that I had any) and will build new systems within my company. I am completely blown away by Nick, Angela, Steve, Bill and Chuck! I will definitely start getting more stuff through Jon-Don.”

Doug Dimick, New Life Carpet and Furniture Cleaning
Spearfish, SD

“I believe the information I received from Chuck has been worth far more to me than the cost of the entire course!”

Derek Preece, On The Spot Cleaning and Restoration
Blackfoot, ID

“Bill did an excellent job- he is truly knowledgeable and very passionate about this industry.”

Greg Smith, Pro-Tech’s
Fort Wayne, IN

“Bill Yeadon was totally awesome. I totally will do some of this stuff!”

Jim Settecase, Trowsler Services
Lombard, IL

“Hands down, SFS was the best classroom experience I have had in my 20 years in business. Thank you,

Chuck, Bill, Steve, Nick and Angela. Also thank you to all my SFS classmates for being very open and sharing your ‘coveted processes’.”

Walter Shipman, SSCD
New Lenox, IL

“Priceless! I am not aware of any company that gives their clients such huge amounts of resources for success. I can not say enough about this program. I am blown away! Thank you, Jon-Don!”

Derick Reinhart, Supreme Clean
Springfield, IL

“My family has been in the cleaning business for almost 40 years. There are two ways to operate your company. You can struggle along on your own leaving your success up to chance. OR you can attend Strategies for Success and begin a lifelong partnership with people dedicated to your success. You will leave SFS with all of the tools and professional assistance you need to live free of worries. Thanks Jon-Don!”

Dylan Brauer, Advanced Carpet Cleaning
Louisville, KY

“I was a new customer of Jon-Don’s before this class. Now I am a Cheerleader exclusively for Jon-Don! No other supplier has ever made me feel so appreciated. This class will help me improve every aspect of my business. Jon-Don teaches by example!”

Jason Rhines, Expert Service
Livonia, MI

“Wow! SFS blew me away. This class is a no-brainer- no if’s, ands or buts! SFS is a win-win situation and is a must in any service business. I am a SFS ‘Cheerleader for Life’!”

Jane Fabian, Fabians, Inc.
New Lenox, IL

Strategies for Success has helped me to reevaluate my whole operation. It has also helped me recapture my dream. Thanks Steve and thanks to Jon-Don!”

Dennis R. Hasting, Hasting’s Carpet Showroom
Salem, WI

“I am a four-time repeat attendee. Every time I come to SFS I fill out three pages of a to-do list. SFS has transformed my business. I look forward to more success and the chance to make a difference in people’s lives. I also look forward to attending SFS again and again.”

Cliff Grost, Multi-Maintenance
Wildwood, IL

“This class was very valuable. I was a little guarded about SFS when I first heard about it, but the class did not disappoint me. Strategies for Success is applicable to everyone at any experience level. I have an MBA with a specialization in marketing and yet I was still learning new things and having ‘ah-ha moments’. The SFS Operations Manual will be an incredible asset. My co-workers and I were amazed at how many times we said, ‘That one piece of advice will pay for this class!’

It seems that just by attending SFS we were given ‘the keys to the kingdom on a silver platter’! I cannot say enough how much we appreciate Jon-Don’s people and their willingness to do whatever they can to make us more successful. We will be Jon-Don customers for life!”

Corinne A. Carroll, Jones Environmental
Shreveport, LA

“Chuck knows what he is talking about and speaks with authority. He earned my confidence.”

David Hadidian, Bay Shore Cleaning
Tampa, FL

“Bill is one of the best speakers I have ever been exposed to. The marketing session was very challenging but it really stimulated my thinking. There are very few experiences in life that leave you feeling as warm and fuzzy as the red carpet treatment that we received from the staff at Jon-Don. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Doug Moerschbacher, Clean Sweep Cleaning
Pleasant Gap, PA

“The information from SFS will take time to implement 100% but there will be immediate benefits as well. Value Added Service appears to be the back bone of a successful business.”

Jared Berkowitz, GSI: Grime Scene Investigators
Cocoa, FL

“This is an amazing program. I have never been to anything this comprehensive and organized before. No detail was overlooked. Every need was met and then some.”

Rue Smith, John the Butler
Sarasota, FL

“I can’t say thank you enough. As we launch our residential carpet cleaning business we now have a solid base to build with. I was taken aback by Nick’s ‘Servant Leadership’.”

Tom King, Sani-Bright
Zionsville, IN

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