Big Billy Yeadon asks: “How up-to-date are you in your carpet cleaning knowledge?”

These days any leg up we can get on the competition is helpful.  The competition in carpet cleaning and restoration services is getting increasingly stiff and complex. No question about it-  knowing more than the other guy is a great “edge”!

Shaw Industries is the largest carpet manufacturer in the cleaning-supplies-knowledgeworld. Befitting this dominant position, Shaw has also been the most involved manufacturer on the carpet maintenance side. So Shaw has been testing cleaning equipment, wands, chemicals, vacuum cleaners, etc. for the past two decades.

Shaw has now created a web-based training program called MAC (Maintenance and Cleaning). Instead of reading the latest unfounded rumors/uninformed opinions on industry discussion forums you can see and hear exactly what Shaw recommends for cleaning.  (Don’t get me wrong- I love “the boards”!  But we need to cast our “learning net” even wider.)

You can even get the “straight scoop” on encapsulation technology on this Shaw site. (Contrary to what you may have heard Shaw feels “encapping” is a strong part of an overall maintenance program.)  So after getting your basic technical cleaning education all you need to do is know how to sell your regular carpet cleaning services!

In addition to watching the Shaw training you can also take practice exams to lock in the knowledge you received.

Here is how to gain access:

1.  Go to

2. Click on the “New Registration” link

3. On the first line enter the Registration Code contained in this email

4. Use jondon as your registration code

5. Create your own personal login and password.

6. Enter your other contact information.

For problem support contact us at 877-502-7429

The site has a course for decision making managers and one for maintenance technicians in both English and Spanish.

This is a great tool for training and prepares you for performing any Shaw referrals.


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