General Ruminations on Business Reading (Part 2)

(Big Billy continues his missive on the best books of all time for your business.  Go here to see part 1 if you missed it.)

Good to Great – Jim Collins
The proverbial “you can only take one book to the island choice” is GTG for me. I like it when a book makes a statement that can be backed up with facts. Collins and his group spent in excess of 15,000 hours documenting the information that explained how 11 companies went from mediocrity to greatness. I bought the CD version of this book after I read it because I wanted to really absorb the material.

Marketing to Women – Martha Barletta
Women are responsible for 85% of all purchases made. In the cleaning and restoration business it is even a higher percentage. Yet men write most marketing, not surprisingly, from a male perspective. Barletta provides many “aha” moments that will allow you to create marketing tools that will attract this powerful market. Women are not a “segment”; whether we like it or not they ARE our market. Who knows? This book it may even improve your personal relationships with the opposite sex!

The E-Myth Revisited – Michael Gerber
While there are several E-Myth books I believe this is the best. This may be the best selling small business book of all time. When you finish reading you will check the back of your van to see if Gerber has been riding in your truck and taking notes without your knowledge. This is another book to buy in hard form and in CD so you can listen as you drive.

A Whole New Mind – Daniel Pink
You may think of your business in the technical aspect, which is left-brain thinking. Your business does not grow due to technical expertise. Your business grows from your creative or right brain thinking. Put it this way, which would hurt your business more – the loss of your lead technician or you? What happened in the past is not as important as what will happen in the future. Daniel Pink will tell you where the world is going and how it will change your business.

Duct Tape Marketing: The World’s Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide – John Jantsch
Along with the Knack this book is designed for us little guys. This book is not theory it contains step-by-step processes for everything in marketing. I like his idea of marketing –“help your customer, know, like ,and trust you more.”

More to come …

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